Death of Son Benjamin Keough Leaves Lisa Marie Presley in Devastation

benjamin keough

Son of Lisa Marie Presley and grandson of Elvis Presley commits suicide by shooting himself in Calabasas, California. He was 27 at the time of his death. As per sources, Lisa Marie is completely inconsolable, heartbroken, and more than devastated after the incident. She shared a very close bond with her son Benjamin, whom she shared with ex-husband Danny Keough. However, she is trying to hold up to make sure her 11-year old twin daughters are alright.

According to the representative of Marie, Roger Widynowski, Benjamin was Lisa’s only son and she loved him dearly. He was the love of her life, and the incident is a shocker for her. Besides, Benjamin, Lisa is the mother of three more girls. She has actress Riley Keough, 37, and twin daughters, Finley and Harper who are 11-years old.

While both Benjamin and Riley are from Lisa’s ex-husband Danny Keough, she shares her twins with ex-husband Michael Lockwood. The news of Benjamin Keough shooting himself on July 12 in Calabasas, California spread like wildfire. However, there was nobody found for an official statement during that time. Even the representative of the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles denied any kind of statement regarding the incident. Looking back at Lisa Marie’s social media accounts, one of the recent pictures on her Twitter handle was of her along with her four children. The caption was very sweet saying that she was the mama lion and the children were her cubs. It was a beautiful black and white picture, in which Benjamin is having a sweet moment with his mother and siblings.

Fond memories of mother and son

In the picture, he is standing very close to Riley, his elder sister, and the entire group is huddling in a cozy group hug. Back in 2012, Benjamin became a part of a music video that earned a lot of appreciation. It was Lisa Marie’s rendition of Elvis Presley’s hit song “I Love You Because.” The three girls were also a part of the music video along with Benjamin. In a throwback interview, Lisa Marie, just like any other proud mother said that all her children carried a little bit of resemblance to her legendary father Elvis Presley. However, Benjamin was a spitting image of Presley, and the resemblance was somewhat uncanny. She recalled how it created a storm when Benjamin was at the Opry and was there in the backstage. People were going crazy about just his presence.

Everyone who was around wanted to get a picture with him, and the scene was nothing short of overwhelming. She said that looking at Benjamin sometimes amazes her because that face reminds her of her father. On the other hand, it is important to know that Benjamin Keough was already a musician, and was trying to make his presence stronger in the music industry. The incident is tragic, and even more for Lisa Marie Presley because she was particularly very close to her son. Back in 2009, they had celebrated Mother’s Day by getting matching tattoos. The design was a Celtic Eternity Knot. Lisa Marie said that the design refers to eternal connection and love.

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