Why do businesses like virtual PBX so much?

A virtual PBX is a decent solution as you do not need to buy any equipment, the connection takes 15-20 minutes instead of several days, and you can save a lot on calls to different cities or countries.

How does a virtual PBX work?

The automatic telephone exchange itself is a system that provides telephone communications to company employees and has access to external telephone networks for calls to anywhere in the world. Previously, it was necessary to buy a set of equipment to organize an office telephone exchange, which was given a separate place in the room. This resulted in significant financial costs.

Of course, modern PBXs have become much more compact than in the past. On the other hand, the question of the location disappears by itself with a virtual station and a virtual Korean phone number getting. Everything changed with the advent of the virtual telephone exchange. There’s no need to go into technical details because the principle of its operation is quite simple. The subscriber connects to the server, which is located in the data center. Users do not need to buy anything expensive, the connection takes a few minutes. The only condition for the virtual PBX to work is a stable Internet connection.

Cloud PBX benefits

There are many advantages of cloud telephony, so it is better to break them down into several separate points.

Saving money

  • The system administrator does not have to monitor the health of the PBX. The person will have much more time for other important work when switching to virtual telephony.
  • It is not necessary to buy SIM cards if you need a lot of numbers. Korean virtual numbers can be purchased from the Freezvon provider and there’s no need to leave your office to do this.
  • Don’t spend money on additional modules or completely change the equipment when the need for expansion arises. Connecting new capacities will be painless with a virtual PBX.
  • Calls to other cities and countries become much cheaper.


You do not need to be a specialist in telecommunications to set up a virtual telephone exchange. It’s easy to set call scenarios, integrate with the CRM system, connect the required number of lines, record, and store conversations. Plus, you don’t even need a phone to communicate. You can install a softphone on your computer and talk comfortably through a headset. 


This is an equally profitable and convenient solution for both start-ups and large holdings with branches throughout the whole world. There is no binding to the exact address. You can move to another office or even a city. and the telephony, numbers, and all functionality will remain with you. The number is complemented with a voice menu, call scripts, and other useful features that will keep each client on the line.

Reduce the burden on operators

Call center operators have to spend a lot of time informing the client about new offers or redirecting him/her to another department. As a result, working hours are spent not on sales and consulting but on monotonous actions. The cloud PBX from Freezvon helps you to set up a voice menu that will automate processes. All incoming contacts will hear a pre-recorded greeting and info about new promotions before talking to the manager.


If the client needs to get to a specific department, it will be enough for him/her to press the desired number after the beep, and the call will be redirected. For example, you can set up navigation around a medical clinic or an advertising agency with many services.

Record and save conversations in the cloud

It’s problematic to understand that the dialogues of employees with customers cannot be listened to. It is impossible to understand whether the manager did his/her job correctly. You can listen to conversations with customers at any time in your personal account with a cloud-based PBX from Freezvon. They will be stored in the cloud without taking up space on your server. This will help to resolve difficult situations and control the work of operators. For example, if a client claims that the terms of the service were not announced to him, you can listen to the call and figure out which side is right.

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