Where Can I Watch The Sandlot

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot

The Sandlot 1993 is a classic sports comedy film directed by David Mickey Evans. This classic film is still beloved for its heartwarming storytelling, memorable characters, and nostalgic vibe of the 60s. The movie got so much love and popularity that it led to several sequels and spin-offs. So where can you watch The Sandlot these days?

The 90s beloved movie The Sandlot is streaming on STARZ and DIRECTV. You can also get STARZ from iTunes and Prime Video and stream the film there. Besides streaming, The Sandlot is also available for purchase and rent as a download from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, DIRECTV, and Microsoft Store.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot Online 2023

The Sandlot follows the story of some teenage boys who spend their summer days playing baseball on a sandlot field. When Scotty moves to their neighborhood, he finds it challenging to fit in. But his friendship with Benny, the best basketball in the group, makes it easy and enjoyable. It’s all about fun, exploring childhood friendships, and adventure.

If you enjoy classic light-hearted movies, you can watch The Sandlot on the following platforms:


STARZ is a premium streaming service offering a vast library of blockbuster originals and on-demand streaming. The Sandlot is also streaming on STARZ. You can get STARZ monthly subscription for just $8.99.

The Sandlot gives us a glimpse of 60s life and how kids used to spend their summer days. Their friendship, bond, and love for baseball are fun to watch.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot

You can get STARZ through various platforms and stream The Sandlot. The first way is direct from STARZ’s website. In this way, you will have to visit STARZ’s website and sign up for an account. After that, search the movie title and enjoy watching it.

The second way is to get STARZ through Amazon. Amazon offers a bunch of add-on channels such as HBO Max, Hulu, STARZ, and FREEVEE. To watch The Sandlot through the Amazon STARZ channel, you have to add STARZ from the “Channels” option.

The next option to get STARZ is iTunes. If you have an iTunes account, add STARZ from the Add-on channel list.

No matter which way you get STARZ, you will indeed have a fun time watching The Sandlot.


DIRECTV is another option to watch The Sandlot. The movie takes the audience to the 60s summer when life was simple and summers were filled with fun, friendship, and adventure. Those who love baseball will enjoy the movie-watching kid’s love for the sport.

To watch the movie on DIRECTV, follow the guideline below:

  • Visit the DIRECTV website and select a subscription plan from the “Shop Now” section.
  • Next, choose your streaming devices and click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button.
  • Now, you will have to create a user ID by entering your email and other basic information.
  • Once you have created an account, search The Sandlot.
  • Now sit back and enjoy streaming the classic sports movie The Sandlot 1993.

You can also watch The Sandlot by purchasing or renting it as a download from DIRECTV. If you are from the USA, you can get the movie at $14.99 with lifetime access. However, in rental, the amount is just $3.99.

Where Can I Purchase or Rent The Sandlot?

Nowadays, streaming movies or television shows through digital retailers is a common way for entertainment enthusiasts.

The Sandlot is also available on several digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, Vudu, DIRECTV, and Microsoft Store. To purchase or rent the movie from these platforms, follow the below process:

  • Visit the digital retailer’s website you can choose to buy The Sandlot and search for the movie name there.
  • Once you find it, select an option from purchase and rent.
  • Next, pay the on-screen amount according to your chosen option. All the platforms are charging $14.99 for purchase and $3.99 for rental.
  • Now, enjoy watching the movie.

Is The Sandlot on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Sandlot is not available on Netflix. We have checked many Netflix regions such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, but the title is not anywhere.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot

So if you are a Netflix subscriber, you can check other classic sports movie such as Money Ball, Hustle, Icaruns, The battered Bastards of Baseball, Home Team, 42 and Bruised.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot For Free?

The Sandlot movie is based on childhood friendship and love for baseball. This light-hearted sports movie is a perfect movie for family time. If you are into classic film, you can check it out.

The movie is not available for free anywhere. Yet you can check Tubi TV, Pluto, or 123 Movies. These platforms often offer classic films and television shows for free. Even if the film is not available now, you can turn on the notification for the movie. This way, you will let you know whenever the title becomes available.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot in the UK?

Directed by David Mickey Evans, the classic movie The Sandlot is streaming on Disney Plus. With just a $7.99 monthly subscription, you can enjoy exclusive Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars creations with an on-demand streaming library.


It is also possible to purchase or rent the movie from digital retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, and Microsoft Store. All these platforms are charging 6 pounds for purchasing and 3.49 pounds for rental.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Can I Watch The Sandlot.

Is There The Sandlot 2?

Yes, the young sports gang came back with The Sandlot 2. Directed by the same director David Mickey, this movie starts with James, Max Lloyd Jones, Samantha Burton, and Brett Kelly.

Where Can I Watch The Sandlot 2?

The Sandlot 2 is streaming on Disney Plus. You can also stream the movie online by buying or renting from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, and Microsoft Store.

Was The Sandlot Commercially Successful?

The Sandlot got immense love and popularity from the audience, and it was also commercially successful. The movie grossed over $34 million against its production cost of $7 million.

Is The Sandlot Appropriate For Kids?

The Sandlot is an entertaining summer movie showing the life of a group of young who love baseball. Without just a scene of chewing tobacco, there’s nothing inappropriate or disturbing for kids in the entire movie. So it is an excellent kids-friendly movie.

Final Words

The Sandlot is a fun summer movie showing the life of a group of young who love baseball. Throughout the film, their innocence and friendship are portrayed. The movie is so related as it shows the silly mistakes every kid makes and faces the consequence.

Through this article, we’ve answered the question, “Where Can I Watch The Sandlot.” So choose any way mentioned in the article and have a great family watching the movie.

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