Understanding Domestic Abuse: What You Need To Know

Domestic abuse is a violent crime in which violence occurs within the family system. The great majority of victims of domestic abuse are women, while perpetrators of domestic violence can be any gender. Domestic violence is a unique offense in several states. As a result, if a person punches their spouse or otherwise causes them damage, they may face charges for both domestic violence and assault and battery. Seek a domestic violence lawyer near me if you are a victim of domestic abuse. 


What is domestic violence? 


Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive conduct between people in a close relationship. According to federal law, the following people are considered “intimate partners”:


  • A spouse
  • An ex-spouse 
  • Someone you have a child with 
  • A person who lives with or has lived with the victim


Domestic violence definitions differ by state regarding name, components, and persons included. Domestic abuse in casual dating situations is also recognized in several states. 


Domestic abuse manifests itself in a variety of ways. Most victims may feel befuddled, powerless, and terrified. This form of violence is addressed by several state and federal laws. 


The cycle of violence 


While some jurisdictions consider individual acts of violence to be domestic abuse, many view domestic abuse as part of a wider pattern of intimidation and violence. As a result, it is sometimes characterized as a pattern of conduct in which one family member strives to exert power, authority, and intimidation over another family member to influence the behavior of other family members. This frequently leads to repeated acts of physical or mental abuse, sometimes called a “cycle of violence.” 

Domestic violence may take various forms in a family since it stems from misusing authority rather than any specific gender dynamic. Domestic violence can occur in opposite-sex or same-sex partnerships and can be performed by a husband or wife against children or elderly family members.


The forms of violence 

Although domestic violence is commonly regarded as causing physical injury, such as a male striking or beating a woman, it can take many different forms. Domestic abuse can be psychological or emotional, resulting from repeated threats, persistent criticism, humiliation, or attempts to destroy another person’s sense of self-worth. It can also occur in forced isolation when a family member is forcibly secluded from others and psychologically reliant on his or her abuser. If you are a victim of abuse, consult an experienced attorney today to learn more about what options are available to you. 


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