Livebeam: how to express yourself at video streaming

Livebeam is a platform for streaming – the novel way of communication. Some people on are new to streaming, so let’s try to guide a beginner streamer through this process. Here are a few tips on how to express yourself online with video streaming.

A beginner streamer usually has a lot of questions about live streaming. Today we want to start with answering some of the most popular ones.

How to start streaming?

Before starting the creation of your perfect unique setup and working on getting the right software and hardware for streaming, look at what other streamers on Livebeam do and find the topic you want to stream.

In general, setting up for streaming is not very hard and doesn’t require special skills. Here is a shortlist of the most important things to check before you start streaming:

  1. Internet connection speed.
  2. Hardware (a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone; optionally – a camera and a microphone).
  3. Software (online platforms for streaming, any additional apps you will need).

Expressing yourself with your setup

Decide where your spot to stream from will be – it can be a kitchen table, your car, etc. If you want, you can get extra decorations and background for a better look.

Streamers on usually put a lot of effort into creating a unique look to be easy to remember and recognize for their viewers.

What to stream about?

Once you have your setup ready, think about the particular niche that you choose. If you struggle with making that decision, here are our top ideas for different topics of interest:

  • Lifestyle streaming. It includes casual talks with your viewers, showing your everyday life, and no specific topic for your streams on Livebeam;
  • Household lifehacks. Share your favorite lifehacks for organizing the things around the house, cleaning up, dealing with stains and damages, etc.;
  • Hobby tutorials. If you can draw, sing, dance, or do something else well – share your experience with others. Tell your viewers your story or make a tutorial on a chosen painting, choreography, photo-editing style, etc.

Livebeam is a user-friendly platform for streaming. We created this platform for expressing yourself, sharing your skill and thoughts, and making friends from all around the world.

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