Top Watch Brands in India

Top Watch Brands in India

In general, buyers in India are very conservative and prefer safe investments in popular brands that are well valued in the secondary market in resale. So in the case of watches, both the brand status and the buyer’s social status are very important. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about top watch brands in India & also all over the world.

Traditionally, India is considered to be fond of yellow gold. But in the case of watches, this is not entirely true – steel, platinum, and white gold are very popular. Steel watches are likely to be more actively bought after tougher rules on cash payments – since mid-2016 in India, it is impossible to buy goods for more than $ 3,000 without identification. And now, the process of combating cash payments is underway.

The top watch brands in India are named.

As for current trends, according to a survey of retailers, the most popular watches in India in the luxury segment are Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Ulysse Nardin, Hublot, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Bvlgari, Omega, and Breitling. Specific models include Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, Rolex Datejust& Daytona, Breguet Reine De Naples, Bulgari Serpenti, Breitling, Super Ocean, Breitling Super Avenger, Omega Constellation, Cartier Ballon Bleu, PaneraiLuminor, IWC Portofino, and Portuguese. Top watch brands in Indian collectors hunt for Audemars Piguet, Breguet, and Hublot’s limited editions.

At the same time, women buy more watches than men. Women are very fond of diamond watches. They prefer rose gold over yellow and white. This is generally typical of Indian women’s fashion. Well, young people choose a self-winding top watch brand in Indian, a steel case on a steel bracelet or rubber. The most popular models here are Hublot. Indians are already leaning towards quartz in middle age, which is more practical. But at 40-50 years old, they are already switching to gold watches with complications.

Rolex the top watch brands in India

The company is synonymous with luxury wristwatches around the world. From innovation to innovation, thanks to the evolution of technical devices hand in hand with new technologies and maniacal craftsmanship, Rolex has earned the reputation of the number one company in the Haute Horlogerie sector. Since 1931, when Rolex made the first self-winding model and then continued in the 70s. The brand has always been ahead of the times with the first diving watch.

The very high quality of the materials has allowed Rolex to obtain prestige from the Swiss precision certification bodies. Finally, Rolex also manages to outdo itself in the Daytona models, which become an “almost” separate brand. Today, having a Rolex means demonstrating one’s status and leaving a timeless and captivating top watch brand in India posterity. Those who choose Rolex today do not do it by chance but to show the difference. Not surprisingly, it is the company with the greatest attempts at imitation in the world and the one with the greatest originality.

Patek Philippe

The brand has been a guarantee of success since 1839 and is the first to supply watches with an incredible number of complications (well over 30 in the 30s, when the technology was not what it is today). To date, the caliber 89, invented precisely for the company’s 150th anniversary, is the caliber with the most complications in the world. Patek Philippe is the luxury brand par excellence, thanks to gold and sapphire, alongside obsessive attention to detail. When you choose such a watch, you do it to show social status.


Belonging to the Swatch group, Omega was founded in 1848, initially as a laboratory for watch calibers. In 1932 the consecration arrived, with the official timekeeper brand of the Olympics. The brand has made the flag of ecology its own in the contemporary age, using recycled materials and combining them with gold, leather, and ceramic fabrics. The quality of the materials used is very high in the final products: in fact, these models often inspired by the moon are a perfect combination of sport and elegance.

Audemars Piguet

The Swiss company has been producing luxury watches since 1875. The main feature is the ability to anticipate the times. Besides, the company also offers ladies’ models with greater delicacy in the watch’s shapes compared to men models, which do not fail to fascinate for style and technique. Often, the brand creates special models for Hollywood stars and beyond.

Top watch brands in India: IWC

The International Watch Company (IWC) is an elite brand born in 1868, initially as a pocket watch company. Subsequently, he moved to Switzerland, where he improved both from the point of view of precision and the quality of craftsmanship. The turning point years are the Thirties, where the brand is consolidated. In this period, the aesthetic characteristics for which IWC is famous throughout the world develop: beauty lies in the details and the continuous research and inspiration for the Universe, as happens in the Da Vinci collection. IWC has five other collections, such as: Aquatimer, Ingenieur, DestrieroScafusia, Portofino, Pilot’s and Portoghesi.


The brand is synonymous with military watches (especially aeronautics) and very massive sports models. Born in 1884, the brand is the protagonist of allied supplies both during the first and second world wars. The result is that this experience is transformed into wristwatches with different instruments of very high precision and with effective complications (such as pressure measuring instruments and more). The millimeter processing of some Breitling models, which has become the most popular for those who practice sports at the limit of the impossible and beyond, seems truly incredible.

Hublot: Top Watch Brands in India               

The brand of Italian origin, later transferred to Switzerland, is one of the most contemporary. It was born, in fact, in the seventies. The main feature of Hublot (= porthole) is the mixture of completely different materials (such as gold and rubber). The result is a one-of-a-kind wristwatch that dictates Haute Horlogerie’s fashion with novelties such as the use of platinum. This also made it possible to create models in collaboration with Ferrari and to obtain various sponsorships.


Born in 1926 on behalf of Rolex, Tudor makes perfection a successful mission. Also, each model, if well cared for, becomes a jewel destined to live forever. The constant search for materials and the use of Rolex experience means that Tudor is a brand closely linked to high-tech alloys and faces the most difficult challenges. Just think of the models that reach a depth of 200 meters or the alloys of gold and steel. Here, it is the customer who chooses whether he prefers steel for the strap or the leather one since they are interchangeable.

Panerai: Top Watch Brands in India

The keywordItalian company’s keyword is “harmony,” which has characterized the brand’s entire history since 1860. For a long time, the brand was the official supplier for the Italian Navy (and before the Kingdom of Italy). Starting from the 80s, the turning point arrives with the use of precious materials such as sapphire and satin glass, as happens in the Luminor Base.


The brand was born in Parisian luxury in 1847. The secret of Cartier is in the rectangular shape of some dials and the fact of proposing luxury models for him and her, often also in combination with each other. The Roman numbering is another noticeable feature, alongside the precision and unmistakable style of these watches.

Top watch brands in India: Zenith

Born in 1865 in Switzerland, he is still the undefeated leader for the precision of calibers and movements. Often, it is also found as a supplier to the competition. The best-known movement is that of El primero, at 36 thousand frequencies, used in the first Daytona. Zenith also produces luxury wristwatches on its own, using design and personalization as its models’ strengths.


In 2000, after an 1833 history, the brand passed from the founding family to Richemont. However, the brand has maintained its character as an “Inventor” with cutting-edge models and 400 active patents. In his wristwatches, he creates amazement for the minimal lines and the ability to create watches. That shows the time on both sides or builds unique models from a design point of view.

Tag Heuer: Top Watch Brands in India

Born in 1860 in Switzerland, the brand is synonymous with luxury. The chronographs are the strong point, with refined details and a strong propensity for gold and other precious metals. Attention to detail is another aspect of superior quality that has made it one of the suppliers of Formula 1. Anyone who wants something unique and not “massive” will find a world to discover at Tag Heuer.

Lange &Sohne

The German brand was founded in 1845. The relaunch in the nineties allowed it to enter by right among the luxury brands. Classicism, combined with technical innovation and an ear to fashion dictates, makes the brand today one of the most important in the world. The company also manages to create a fusion between the steel parts and the round dial: the result is an elegant effect that is difficult to forget and find elsewhere.


Also, this belonging to Swatch, like Omega was born in 1832 in Switzerland. Personalization is the key feature. Based on the sport practiced or what the customer wants to show about himself. The brand thinks of unique models to show off on the occasions that matter. In addition to precision, an essential requirement for entering the world of luxury wristwatches, the use of pink gold and sapphire in some models makes the brand inimitable for its meticulous craftsmanship.


After focusing on the best brands (especially Swiss), we will now go into in-depth studies with examples of the world’s best men’s wristwatch brands. Order. The best models we have selected for you are part of luxury companies, known for their great traditions. The first men’s watch that we want to offer you is Ulysse Nardin, a company founded in 1846 in Switzerland. This was dedicated to the production of marine chronometers and is still today one of the companies that create among the world’s best mechanical men’s watches.

The limited-edition Freak Diavolo Rolf75 model is certainly one of the most sought-after luxury men’s watches in the world made with refined and luxurious materials and was also created in honor of the 75th birthday of President Rolf Schnyder. The Swiss Haute horlogeriePatekPhilippe made another luxury model among the best brands of automatic men’s watches. The Patek Philippe Geneve model is a very refined men’s wristwatch, with automatic mechanical movement, the reference 5327R-001 in rose gold is truly beautiful. The dial is pure white, and on the same, you can see a perpetual calendar and some moon phase. The case has a diameter of 39 mm, the case back is in sapphire crystal.

Men’s sports watch brands: the best models.

The best brands of men’s sports watches are different, and they start from models. That has an exorbitant cost, up to economic but still very functional models. Among the best famous luxury men’s sports watch brands, we can certainly mention the Rolex Explorer II, a sports model with an explosive personality. This watch has a 904L steel case, a white dial with luminescent indexes and hands, a highly functioning clo, CK, and a fantastic movement certified as a Swiss chronometer.

Another men’s sports watch brand, certainly less expensive but at the same time with many original proposals. We are talking about Tissot. One of the models of this sports watch brand is the T-touch expert Solar, a watch with a 45mm titanium case. The model has an analog dial and a small digital dial to see the functions, such as the watch’s altimeter.


Now let’s move on to a men’s watch brand, very cheap. But truly a men’s watch famous for its excellent functions and features. We are talking about Casio, and its sports watches. Surely among the sports wristwatches of this collection. We find the Casio G-shock, where there are many models to choose from. So we have reviewed many precisely because we know with what great passion many of you follow all the new G-shocks releases; we also advise you to consult the Casio pro trek dedicated to those with an adventurous soul.

Among the most popular models we certainly find the Seiko 007 and the Seiko 009, but being many and all interesting we point out the main ones:

  • Seiko 5 (Automatic and Sport)
  • Seiko kinetic
  • The Seiko sumo
  • Seiko monster
  • seikoprospex

Still, on the subject of men’s sports watches, let’s find Citizen watches with many spectacular models that have made histories. Such as the Citizen Aqualand, designed and built for diving lovers, the Citizen Altichron dedicated to those who are not afraid of heights and the Citizen Nighthawk with an eco-drive mechanism to name a few.

We continue our journey with Suuntomodels that will surely know and appreciate sports fans. Among the main models, we find:

  • Suunto Spartan Sport
  • Suunto Traverse
  • The Suunto Ambit3
  • Suunto Ambit2


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