How You Can Use NetBaseQuid’s Social Listening Tools to Connect With Meaningful Advocates and Influencers

Use NetBaseQuid's Social Listening Tools

Social listening refers to the process of monitoring of customer feedback and direct mentions of a brand by its customers. The brand can obtain such information from the various social media tools and platforms and use it to gain useful insights from which they can take meaningful action. Through social listening, brands can evaluate their customers’ feedback and prioritize them to make their products or services better. It is also beneficial in assisting the brands in finding suitable advocates and influences in the industry, who they can work with.

Industry Advocates and Influencers

Industry advocates and influencers are individuals who can use their abilities and skills in social networking to help a brand’s potential customers decide to buy their products or services. They are, therefore, beneficial in helping a brand reach its goals while giving it a more humane and relatable view.

There are many forms of influencers, including product reviewers, social media experts, famous people, industry experts, bloggers, and many more. A brand manager must ensure that the influencers they choose to work with are unique to their brand’s products or services. Through social listening, they can identify such individuals and reach out to them.

How Can Industry Influencers and Advocates Benefit Your Brand?

Advocates and influencers use their social networking skills to drive more attention to the services or products that your brand offers. They, therefore, help your brand to reach its core demographics. Their influence not only helps your brand to attract new customers but also keeps the existing ones engaged and happy with your brand.

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Additionally, advocates and influencers can help a brand to build meaningful relationships with its target audience. They help to increase your brand’s SEO Services value by increasing the number of mentions and backlinks to your site. All this is beneficial to your brand’s content marketing both for short term and long term basis.

What to Look for in an Influencer

The first thing you should look for while trying to identify the suitable advocates and influencers for your brand is whether you have mutual goals. For your brand to be successful, both parties must ensure that they put in the work. Ensuring that the brand and the influencer have similar goals is imperative to the partnership’s overall success.

It would also be advantageous if the influencer or advocate’s niche audience is similar to that of your brand. This way, they can deliver content about your brand to a specific audience, helping your brand reach its target market. The size of their following is also an essential factor to look at. Check whether the advocates’ or influencers’ numbers can help your brand to reach its target audience. Their popularity and ability to interact with the audience also determine how well they can represent your brand.

How to Reach Out to Industry Influencers and Advocates

Identifying advocates and influencers who are suitable for your brand, and reaching out to them may seem like a difficult task. However, with social listening, you can access a wide range of tools that monitor the content of various individuals and how they engage with their audience. Through the use of keywords, you can determine whether their content suits your brand.

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If you have spotted an individual that you would like to work with, you can start by liking some of their posts. After that, reach out to them by sending a meaningful message that is straightforward. Ensure that you take your time to find out more about the influencer for a smooth exchange when you finally decide to reach out.

About NetBaseQuid

NetBaseQuid is a market and consumer intelligence platform that enables brands to understand their markets. Through various tools such as social listening and social analytics, the platform helps brands to connect with influencers and advocates who can help them reach their target audiences. 

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