The most well-known casinos in the world

Even people who have never set foot in a casino could probably name a couple, and that is a testament to the pivotal role that casinos have played in our culture. There are so many films and TV shows featuring casino-based action, not to mention literary works and several albums’ worth of songs.

You may be able to play free pokies here, but there are some elements of a land-based casino that cannot be found online. Many of the most popular casinos have international reputations, attracting players from all over the world to try their luck on gaming floors that have long and fascinating histories, and some of the best-known include:

The Bellagio

No list of casinos would be complete without at least one Las Vegas mainstay, and the Bellagio is certainly among the most famous casino on the strip. The brainchild of casino magnate Steve Wynn, the resort is based on, and shares the name of, a village near Lake Como in Italy.

The resort opened in 1998 offering guests the choice of more than three thousand rooms spread over thirty-six floors and was the most expensive casino built up to that date. Its international reputation, however, focuses on the guest experience which is truly unlike any other.

The dancing Fountains of Bellagio are known worldwide and the combination of water, music, and lights makes for a truly magical experience. Guests can also enjoy top-class entertainment from performers such as:

  • The Rolling Stones
  • Panic at the Disco
  • Loston Harris
  • Michael Feinstein
  • Duran Duran
  • Cirque Du Soleil
  • Jamie Foxx

With an art gallery, botanical gardens, several top-quality restaurants and more, it’s no wonder the Bellagio is so well-known.

The Casino Monte-Carlo

As one of the older gambling venues on the circuit, the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino has a long and intriguing history. Established in the 1850s as a way to generate money for the ailing coffers of the ruling family, the idea was originally that of Princess Caroline, who proved herself a shrewd businesswoman when the resort finally began to make money.

The casino wasn’t an instant hit, largely because the infrastructure was not up to the job of supporting a resort, especially as the road network didn’t connect Monte Carlo with the rest of Europe at the time. Today, however, it is one of the best-known casinos in the world, not least because of its association with fictional super-spy James Bond.

It is on the gaming floor of this casino that Bond takes on Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, and he also finds his way there in Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. It has also been featured in one of Kylie Minogue’s music videos, a location for the classic casino caper Ocean’s Twelve, and even in the cartoon adventures of the characters from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

Wynn Macau

Having made a name for themselves in Vegas, Wynn Resorts wasted no time taking their expertise and experience to Macau to open one of the most impressive casinos in the world. Combining the wealth of knowledge gained from the years of casino management in Vegas with the demand for gaming venues in the area, the company created an opulent resort that has something for everyone, all set in truly stunning surroundings.

The casino is known for having the best of the best in every arena and has been awarded several Forbes Five-Star awards. In 2011, the Wynn group purchased a number of Jiaqing Period vases which were up for auction at Christie’s in London for eight million pounds.

The vases joined many other works of fine art and items of significant historical importance that are all on display at Wynn Macau, including a Chinoiserie tapestry, called ‘The Emperor on a Journey’ that dates back to the sixteenth century.

The London Hippodrome

Having started life as a dance hall, this much-revered venue played host to greats such as Charlie Chaplin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Judy Garland in its early years. The beautiful and imposing building was converted into a casino in 2012.

The casino itself is actually three separate casino spaces spread over five floors, but the club is known as much for its additional entertainment as it is for the gaming tables. The theatre hosts popular shows such as Magic Mike Live, while the Heliot Steak House serves up a different kind of beefcake to the delight of visiting foodies.

While London has some clubs that are so exclusive as to be almost impossible to visit, the Hippodrome maintains a casual atmosphere that offers a warm welcome without detracting from its exclusive feel and excellent gaming experience.

Whether you are a seasoned casino-goer or a total newbie, the international casino scene offers plenty of entertainment for anyone.

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