How to Meet Salman Khan Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Salman Khan Personally and Face to Face

Salman Khan is one of India’s most loved actor with more than 25 years of amazing film career under his belt. His stupendous works as a producer earned him two National Film Awards and his acting has earned him quite a few Awards as well as the title of being the world’s biggest star by CNN. Other than acting and production, he is also a fabulous philanthropist and television personality with great fan following. So, in this article I will tell you of some simple ways to meet Salman Khan personally.

#How to Meet Salman Khan Personally and Face to Face

#1 During Being Human Foundation’s meeting

Salman Khan founded a Mumbai-based charity in 2007, known as the Being Human Foundation. This foundation works to provide the underprivileged with education and healthcare by selling Being Human-branded clothing. Many charity events are organized by Being Human and Salman comes in person for most of these events. So, if you want to meet Salman then go to these events and contribute to this beautiful cause.

#2 Social Media

Salman loves his fans and uses the social media to communicate with them. So, use these means to request him for meeting you personally, maybe your lucky star will smile at you.

  • His twitter handle: @BeingSalmanKhan
  • Facebook page:

Recently Salman also introduced the BeingInTouch app, which allows you to know more about him and also interact with him.

#3 Invite him for a charity

If you head a charity or work for one, then you can invite Salman to the charity’s event and there is a great chance that he will show up because he loves giving back to the community.

#4 Go to his shooting location

This way of meeting Salman is a bit tedious, as you will need to do a lot of research. For shooting of his movies, Salman visits a number of places where the scene is to be filmed, so you just need to wait out of the shooting location and try to meet him. But beware of the huge crowd that will also be waiting to meet him.

#5 His residence

You can send a letter to his residence requesting for an appointment or if you have spare time you can also wait outside his apartment building, as he comes onto his balcony quite frequently to wave to his fans, waiting outside.

Address: 3, Galaxy Apartments,
BJ Road Band Stand,
Bandra West,
Mumbai – 400050
Maharashtra, India

Hope these ideas will help you to meet Salman Khan face to face.

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