The Best Characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


When it comes to watching sitcoms, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is certainly one of the best ones out there. The show is about a couple of cops who work together at the fictional 99th precinct in Brooklyn, New York. If you are stuck having a difficult day, then Brooklyn Nine-Nine can certainly help you blow off some steam and feel better about yourself.

 The characters in the show are absolutely brilliant and they have the kind of acting that brings every character to life. In order to stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine online on Netflix, you need to make sure you have an internet connection that is fast enough to cater to your streaming needs. It would be a smart idea to look into Spectrum Internet which is already known all over the world for its brilliant internet performance and speed. 

Coming back to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show would be nothing without the characters that it features and the actors who did a beautiful job portraying them. We will be talking about who are some of the best characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and what makes them unique, keep reading to find out:

Jake Peralta

Jake is the main lead in the show and he is portrayed by Andy Samberg it honestly feels like no one could have done the job better than Andy himself. Jake is the best detective in the precinct and he has this ongoing competition with his colleague, Amy Santiago on who gets the greater arrests. Even though Jake is a brilliant detective, the problem that he has is that he doesn’t know how to grow up and he keeps cracking immature jokes.

It could easily be said that the show wouldn’t have been good enough if Jake wasn’t a part of it because he is like the life of the party when it comes to him and all his friends. Jake eventually figures out how to act like an adult once he gets married and has a family of his own. He also has a couple of life experiences that make it necessary for him to act like an adult. 

Amy Santiago

The second best detective after Jake would definitely be Amy Santiago as she is always in constant competition with Jake to see which of the two is better at what they do. Not only is Amy highly competitive but she is also a perfectionist who tries to balance her work life with her personal life. She and Jake eventually become entangled and they form one of the best relationships you would ever see on TV. Jake and Amy always have each other’s backs which is why the show is one of the most beautiful ones you would ever see. 

Another bonus about Amy is that she grew up with all brothers which is why she knows you have to fight to make a spot for yourself. She gets caught up in situations where things seem helpless for everyone but she always finds a way out for everyone using her brain and her organizational abilities. 

Charles Boyle

Charles is also among the best detectives in the show, even though he has a lot of issues with himself such as his self-esteem issues and a lot more. However, Charles is still a very loveable character who is always there for his friends no matter what. After a failed marriage and failed relationships, Charles’ character also teaches us that if we wait long enough and patiently, we would find someone who loves us with all their heart. 

Charles is also the kind of friend who would take a bullet for you and he actually does that in the show as well (no spoilers). If you are wondering who is the most friend-centered in the show, then that would definitely be Charles because he and Jake have a bond like no other, which makes them brothers more than friends. 

Rosa Diaz

Rosa is definitely the most badass character in the entire show. Even her persona is frightening enough for no one to dare mess with her. Just like Amy, Rosa is also a Latino on the team and she bonds well with everyone. She and Jake have a beautiful friendship as well and Jake has helped her out multiple times. While Rosa may be intimidating, she is also the kind of person who would be there for her friends no matter what. 

The best thing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine is that it doesn’t only focus on work but it also lays emphasis on how you can make good friends with your colleagues as well. 

Wrapping Up

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is certainly one of the best shows to watch right now since it is 8 seasons of absolute bliss. There is not one episode that you could call boring since every episode has something going on in it. 

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