Tessica Brown Gives $21K From GoFundMe to Foundation That Fixed Her Hair

tessica brown

Tessica Brown, famous as Gorilla Glue Girl, has now decided to give a lump sum which she gathered by GoFundMe as a donation to a foundation. She became an internet sensation when she made a video saying that Brown had put gorilla glue on her hair. (cymbalta) Since then, her hair got glued to her head. The donation receiving foundation consists of surgeons who deal with similar problems as her. This amount will also help people avail themselves of expensive surgeries.

Restore Foundation to get donations of $21,000 from Tessica Brown

The manager of Tessica Brown told TMZ that the lady is planning to donate a significant amount of money which she got through public donations. The amount extends to around $21,000 and more. The name of the foundation which is going to get the funds is “Restore Foundation.” The institution provides remodeling surgery facilities.

Dr. Michael Obeng, a plastic surgeon who heads the Restore Foundation, operated Tessica and restored her hair. Dr. Obeng is from Los Angeles and practices in several cities like California, Beverly hills.

Tessica, the gorilla glue girl, feels for people having faced similar issues

Tessica stated that many people face similar situations as her. These surgeries are costly. She wants to help people who don’t have financial abilities and wants to have those treatments.

Tessica Brown’s manager also said that she would have $1,000 from her GoFundMe money as her emergency expenses for her room in Louisiana. Then she went to Berry Hills, West Coast, to get her hair fixed. There were some travel payments during this time.

The internet star is now earning through her merchandise start-up. She wants to cash in her viral personality to make some fortune. However, she does not want people to remember her as the Gorilla Glue girl. Well, let’s see what is in store for her next!

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