Piers Morgan Left GMTV Following His Remarks On The Duchess

Piers Morgan left GMTV

As per the latest news, Piers Morgan left GMTV or the Good Morning Britain show on ITV following negative comments regarding the Duchess of Sussex. Morgan was the host of the show for the past six years, and it is an unfortunate exit for him.

The final announcement from ITV came post-Ofcom’s statement revealing an update of an investigation. An entire team is doing thorough scrutiny of the incident after over 40,000 complaints came in against Morgan.

According to reports, Piers Morgan left GMTV after stating that he does not believe a word of what the Duchess said on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Significantly, he believes that she was lying regarding her suffering from mental trauma and more.

On the other hand, an ITV spokesperson reveals that Morgan’s personal decision was to leave the channel. That’s why ITV wants to accept the resignation and move on with positive thoughts only.

In an interview, a closed source of ITV states that Piers Morgan left GMTV is unfortunate. So, the show is most likely to suffer quite a lot. However, ITV does not want to reveal any details regarding who can replace Morgan to run the performance further.

Morgan’s controversial tweet on March 10, 2021, states that he takes ownership of his statement. Moreover, he wants to express that he indeed is in disbelief of Meghan’s statement on the talk show. Besides, he has no regret regarding whatever he said because he has freedom of speech too.

Additionally, the GMTV host bid farewell to his audience and says he is thankful for the hate and love he is receiving. He also says that he is a happier person now that he can spend more time with his opinion.

What is the reaction after Piers Morgan left GMTV?

The exit of Piers Morgan led to an on-air argument between him and weather presenter Alex Beresford. The latter criticizes Morgan for his negative comments on the Duchess, which provoked the GMTV host to walk out initially. However, he came back within 10 minutes at that time.

Later, Dame Carolyn McCall, the ITV CEO, also criticizes Morgan’s comments stating that ITV does not tolerate such negativity, especially when addressing mental health issues. On the other hand, the Mind Mental Health Charity Organization also states its disappointment concerning Morgan’s offensive comments.

The organization partners with ITV in a campaign- Britain Get Talking. During the episode of Monday, March 8, 2021, Morgan starts his criticism by picking on the Duchess’s helpless claim. He referred to the Duchess statement that the Buckingham Palace officials turned a deaf ear when she was calling for help.

Her confession of having suicidal thoughts followed this. GMTV host Morgan questions the Duchess asking her who she was trying to address and what reply she got in return.

After a row of such sharp questions, he clearly states that he does not believe the Duchess’s claims. He also says that even if Meghan Markle will read a weather report to him, there is no way that he will believe her. Later that morning, in a sarcastic tweet, Piers Morgan refers to Meghan Markle as the Pinocchio Princess. 

The massive backlash calls for stern action against Morgan.

After people start questioning Morgan about his statement, he denies saying anything against the fact that the Duchess was in trauma and was feeling suicidal. The backlash this time was so massive that ITV went into real distress.

The channel reveals that the figure of complaints received against this incident is just a few points behind the one that occurred in 2007. The latter was a racism issue between Jade Goody and Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on the Big Brother reality show.

Several welfare agencies are coming into the union to state that Morgan’s comments were disrespectful. They all believe that whenever someone expresses mental issues, everyone must be empathetic and respectful towards the person.

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