Matt James Has Been Declared as the First Black Bachelor by ABC

Matt James

According to the latest announcement made by ABC, Matt James is the very first black man to become ‘The Bachelor.’ We are talking about the long-running dating competition on American television. It seems like a long-planned move by the makers of the show. The main reason for such a decision is mainly to break the monotony of the show. Before this, people had started to find the choice of contestants boring and there was a lack of diversity in the show. So, to bring back the TRPs to a higher level, it was a well-sought move by the makers.

The final casting announcement was done last week on Friday. Matt James is a 26-year old man from North Carolina. He was initially chosen to compete as one of the participants who would woo Clare Crawley on “The Bachelorette.” However, the filming of the show had to stop due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus back in March. According to the reports of the leading show “Good Morning America,” Matt James is the founder of an organization in New York City that works for the creative betterment of underprivileged children from underserved areas.

“The Bachelor” is one show that was under immense pressure for the last couple of years. They were being told to improve the pattern of the show and bring in a black man as the bachelor. The makers of the show were also pressed with legal charges back in 2012. They were accused of blocking contestants other than white people from participating in the show. However, the first amendments were made soon at that time leading to the dismissal of the case. To date, Rachel Lindsay was the only woman of African-American origin to be selected as the bachelorette on the show back in 2017.

Result of pressure and current situation

when Rachel Lindsay participated in “The Bachelorette” back in 2017, she had openly come out with things she did not find alright. Amongst all other statements was one of these that have come to light once again. She is a highlight of the show mainly because she is the only woman of Afro-American origin to have starred as the central character of the show. Later, she pointed out that the show requires a lot of improvement. She added that the makers need to focus on diversity both behind and in front of the cameras.

Wellness and relationship director of Essence, Charli Penn, spoke out in a recent interview. He said that it is clear already that the fans of the show have one constant question in mind for a long time now. Even if you take it as a request, it is surely not a new one in that case. Penn added that the makers of the show have truly ignored the diversity part completely. It is also the reason why there is a rumor about black men not liking or watching the show. However, it is not true at all. There is a diversity when it comes to the fan base and audience of “The Bachelor.”

The final good news

It is finally good to see Matt James on board for the show. He is a professional athlete, and a former collegiate being a part of the popular show. James was a part of the Wake Forest University team in which he played as a Wide Receiver. Later, he went for a couple of trials with the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints as well. His selection has created quite a stir on social media and a lot of people are congratulating him for it. Amongst everyone else, former contestant and friend Tyler Cameron has wished him luck for the show.

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