5 Helpful Tips of Choosing a Back Bar Cooler

Back bar cooler is the equipment without which a complete work of a bar or restaurant is impossible. It keeps the temperature cool, ensuring that the drinks remain fresh and quality so that customers can fully enjoy the taste. 

However, not all commercial fridges are the same, so it is important to choose the one that will fully meet your needs. 

Here are 5 useful tips for choosing this equipment:

  1. Select an optimal size

Back bar cooler is located under the bar counter, which allows you to save space as well as optimize the service.

Since each establishment has different bar counter sizes, you need to measure the available space that you can use for drink storage. 

Also consider how many drinks you will serve: if you have a small assortment, there is no point in buying too large equipment (even if space allows).

  1. Consider energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the cooler is an important factor influencing the choice of such equipment. Energy-saving devices save money on electricity bills, and they win in terms of environmental protection.

Devices with features such as LED lighting and double-glazing doors that can help reduce energy consumption are a priority.

Also, the right size of the bar fridge will help reduce costs: too large equipment will consume more energy than needed.

  1. Check the temperature range

Make sure that your chosen refrigerator can maintain a temperature that is suitable for storing drinks.

  1. Look for models with adjustable shelves

Shelves that can be moved up or down can accommodate different sizes of bottles so that you can place all your products inside and maintain the optimal temperature of the beverages.

  1. Select a suitable door type

They can be sliding or hinged, made of metal or glass.

Back bar cooler is a serious investment. Therefore, if you want it to last as long as possible, choose equipment made of high-quality materials, supporting a different (even the most narrow) temperature range, equipped with convenient doors and adjustable shelves.

You can find the equipment that will fully meet your needs on the website of the popular brewery company Beverage Craft. This brand specializes in beer equipment and offers a large selection of commercial fridges of different sizes and functionality. We are sure: here you will find everything you need for the successful work of your establishment!

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