Mahabharat TV Serial will go off air from August 2014

Star Plus has decided to change in major TV shows in the upcoming time. Star Plus wants to introduce new TV series with new stories and characters. They are going to take difficult decision i.e. Mahabharat is going to go off air from the month of August, 2014.

Shaheer Sheikh as Arjuna

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The Mahabharat TV serial was one of the most popular religious TV series on Star Plus. It started on 16th September, 2013 on Star Plus. It was directed by Loknath Pandey, S Chawda, Siddarth Anand Kumar, Kamal Monga and Amarprith G. It was produced by three well known producers i.e. Rahul Kumar Tewary, Siddharth Kumar and Gayatri Gil Tiwari.

Last episodes will be seen by showing the end of war and it will go off air. Star Plus has also decided to introduce new TV series, new actors and stories. It is also widely known that, Mahabharat was based on the epic story.

Earlier, Star Plus has decided to close down Mahabharat TV serial in the mid of July. After some time, Star Plus extended the show till 26th July, 2014. Now, again rumours are spreading that the show will go off the air in the month of August, 2014.

Mahabharat serial starring Pooja Sharma, Shaheer Sheikh and Saurabh Raaj Jain, they are doing the shootings of the last episodes to make this show go off the air in the upcoming month.

According to media reports, there is no further story to carry this TV serial ahead. Main lead actor, Saheer Sheikh told that main part is war and war is already broadcast and so nothing is left to show the viewers.

So, it is really bad news for all the regular viewers of the Mahabharat TV serial.

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6 thoughts on “Mahabharat TV Serial will go off air from August 2014”

  1. Please don’t close the Mahabharat TV Serial. There are so many topics which can take the serial ahead. There are so many scholar who can guide you or you can take reference from SHRIMAD BHAGWAT MAHAPURAN. Please do something about this.

  2. What! I heard Mahabharat is going off the air, is it true? Oh God doesn’t tell me. I am upset with this news, very bad.

  3. Its so hurting makes me cry, Can you guys please keep it continue? It’s much better than other serial at least we come to know about our history.

  4. Please don’t end it, finish it off as where Pandavas go to the heaven. There are fans all over the world. So, please don’t stop it. Its a request from the fans and even if you do end please make Ramayana with the same characters please.

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