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A locksmith is frequently your best option if you need to update or replace the locks in your home or if you are locked out. In this article, we examine the typical locksmith costs in Dublin as well as the typical tasks you could want one for.

A locksmith is frequently your best option if you need to improve or repair the door locks on your property or become locked out. This article examines typical locksmith costs in Dublin as well as typical tasks that call for their services.

It’s critical to work with a trustworthy locksmith for your home’s security. Make that a locksmith you choose has the necessary training and certifications, such as membership in the MLA (Master Locksmiths Association).

It’s important to know how much it will cost you to fix your situation, whether you’re moving into a new house, improving the security of your present one after a break-in, or you accidentally locked yourself out.

Best practise: Be wary of groups that give the impression of being professional but actually just provide locksmiths’ membership and accreditation in exchange for a price. If at all feasible, use MLA-approved locksmiths.

Costs on the Average for Locksmith Jobs

  • Replace a regular uPVC lock for €111.
  • A replacement snap-resistant uPVC lock costs €125.
  • You can get a new Yale lock for €81.
  • $75 for a new garage door lock
  • replacement locks for patio doors €85
  • To replace the nightlatch, pay €85.
  • Replacement rim cylinders cost €65.
  • Replace a mortice lock for €111.
  • Replace all the locks on the windows and two external doors. €311

What are the standard locksmith fees?

In addition to the cost of any locks and other supplies they use, locksmiths frequently charge an hourly fee for jobs. For some jobs, some locksmiths will have a defined fee. Additionally, they typically add a callout fee if it is after hours or an emergency.

A locksmith may do a broad variety of tasks, hence the fees they charge will differ greatly based on the specific task. The cost will vary based on a number of variables, such as:

  • The kind and quantity of locks
  • the call-out time
  • a good lock (meeting British theft resistance standards)
  • When will the work be finished?
  • whether or not there is a jammed key in the cylinder
  • Need to enter/board up damaged areas
  • What city do you call home?

Locksmith price calculator

Knowing what kind and how many locks you need a locksmith to work on can help you determine how much it will cost. After that, you must account for the response time, the lock quality, and any material expenses associated with changing locks, keys, or other components.

Larger and better locks typically cost more to repair or replace. Additionally, the cost will increase because the process will take longer the more locks you need repaired.

The average locksmith hourly rate

The hourly cost of a locksmith may change depending on what time of day (or night) you require them. A locksmith typically charges in the neighbourhood of €65 per hour during regular business hours.

Many locksmiths will have a tiered hourly pricing if you require an emergency locksmith after business hours; it may look something like this:

  • 65 euros an hour from 8 am to 6 pm.
  • 6 to 8 a.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. cost €75 per hour.
  • €85 per hour from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.
  • The hourly cost from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. is €121.

Locksmith estimates

Whatever the task, we advise getting a breakdown of the locksmith’s quote before hiring them so you know what you’re paying for. Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to acquire many quotations to ensure that the price you’re being given is reasonable and competitive. Browse our directory of dependable locksmiths in the Dublin region to obtain realistic locksmith costs.

City and Average Costs

  • €141 Kildare
  • Dublin 131.38 Euro

Prices for locksmiths vary by city.

Depending on where you are, the typical cost of a locksmith will vary slightly. For instance, the average cost of a locksmith in Kildare is €111, whereas that of a locksmith in Dublin is €163.47. The typical locksmith fee in Exeter is €112.54. Finding the ideal tradesperson for you always involves collecting many bids from qualified locksmiths.

Note: Based on user reviews submitted to https://www.locksmiths365.ie/, the average prices mentioned below represent a locksmith’s rates. Although the intricacy of these jobs may vary, you may see from this what professional locksmiths in your neighbourhood charge.

Cost of changing door locks

Replacing locks, whether one lock or all the locks, is the most frequent task British homeowners require a locksmith to complete. That can be the case if you have purchased a new house, your current locks need to be replaced, or you want to increase the security of your property.

Given that the home has two exterior doors and several windows, the cost of changing locks for all the locks will be about €351.

During regular business hours, replacing a Yale lock typically costs about €111 per lock (materials and labour). A typical uPVC door lock change will cost roughly €125 per lock. If it’s an anti-snap uPVC lock, supplies and installation will run about €151 per lock.

Emergency Employment and Costs

  • Out-of-hours callout cost of €51
  • Hourly charge after hours is €81.
  • An emergency board costs €211.
  • Without changing the cylinder, remove a damaged key from a lock for €81.
  • Regaining access to a building €91

How much does a locksmith in an emergency charge?

Jobs requiring an emergency locksmith will always be more expensive than non-urgent work completed during regular business hours, and these fees are sometimes much more. Most locksmiths will charge a callout fee up front for an emergency, which typically ranges from €51 to €151.

Additionally, locksmiths typically bill an hourly fee for any after-hours or emergency work.

You should prepare to pay up to twice as much as normal, often even more.

The price of an emergency locksmith

A typical after-hours locksmith might charge between €81 and €211 per hour. This covers labour completed after hours, on the weekend, and on a holiday. However, since emergency locksmiths are free to set their own prices, you’ll need to compare many estimates to discover the most affordable option.

emergency boarding up

You’ll need your home boarded up if you’ve experienced a burglary with property damage or if you’ve been locked out and had to force access. Emergency boarding up typically costs roughly €211.

Taking out a broken key

On average, it will cost around €91 to remove a damaged key from a lock without replacing the cylinder (labour only).

regain access to a building.

Even though being locked out of your house is a hassle, a locksmith may quickly get you back inside. Based on the typical cost of unlocking one basic rim lock and one standard mortice lock, regaining access to your home will cost you roughly €111.

many lock types

One of the key variables affecting the cost of your locksmith is the kind of lock.

  • Mortice locks, which fit flush inside the door framework, are among the most popular types of locks in British homes.
  • Nightlatches are available in regular and deadlock variants and are sometimes referred to as “secondary locks.” Most often used Yale locks are night latches.
  • uPVC locks with anti-snap features keep locks from breaking. They’re mostly used on UPVC doors, and they’re hard to break into.
  • A minimum of three locking points must lock concurrently for a multi-point locking system to function. They are also referred to as uPVC locks since they are frequently installed on uPVC doors.

Can I alter my locks on my own?

Some people might be able to replace their own locks, but to keep your property secure, we strongly advise calling a professional locksmith. Some house insurance plans may be void if locks are changed by the policyholder.

A big security danger for your property can result from improperly installed locks. It’s preferable to engage a seasoned locksmith to complete the task unless you have a thorough understanding of locks and British Standards.

For locksmiths, a checklist

  • Always verify a locksmith’s training and membership in an organisation (such as the MLA) that screens all of its members before hiring them.
  • Recognize that anybody may call oneself a locksmith because there is no formal government licencing for locksmiths.
  • To acquire reasonable and competitive charges, talk to a few nearby locksmiths.
  • To understand what you’re paying for, request a breakdown of the quote charges.
  • If at all possible, steer clear of hiring a locksmith after business hours to avoid having to pay the exorbitant fees for an emergency locksmith


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