Keep Your Energy Bills Low This Summer

Keep Your Energy Bills Low This Summer

Summer is on the way, which means higher energy bills will soon follow. That’s right — summer is the prime time for higher energy costs because of the increased use of air conditioning. You’ll want to run your air conditioning to stave off the sweltering heat, but you won’t want to break your household budget to do it.

Are there ways that you can lower your energy bills and stay comfortable at the same time? Of course. These are some ways to shrink those bills this summer. 

Clean Your AC Unit 

Your AC unit will use up more power when it’s clogged with dust and debris. So, give it a good clean to help it run more efficiently. Remove the panels and clean the condenser fins using a soft-bristle brush. You can also rinse off the condenser fins with a garden hose. Let the condenser fins dry and reattach the panels. This simple chore should make your AC unit much more energy efficient for the summer.

Change the Filter 

If your HVAC system uses disposable filters, you should remove the old dusty filter and replace it with a fresh one before summer arrives. If your system has a built-in filter, you should clean it. This will help your AC unit run better and use less power. 

Don’t Block Your Unit 

Your outdoor AC unit shouldn’t be surrounded on all sides by shrubs, trees and patio furniture. It needs some space to ventilate properly. Move any obstructions out of the way to help the unit function better.

In the same vein, you will want to keep your interior vents clear of obstructions. The cooler air won’t circulate throughout the room when there are things blocking the vents. So, move furniture out of the way. Don’t cover the vent with a carpet or rug. Give them plenty of space.  

Don’t Drop the Temperature Too Low

You don’t need it to turn your entire house into a refrigerator. So, try to keep the indoor temperature moderate, not frigid. This will use up less energy, all while keeping you comfortable. 

If you want extra help moderating your indoor temperature, you can invest in a smart programmable thermostat. This can adjust the interior temperature for you while cutting your electricity bill. You can also program the thermostat around your schedule, making the house cooler when you know you’ll be home, and allowing the house to warm up when you’re away.

Keep the Hot Air Outside

When hot air sneaks inside, your interior temperature will warm up, even when you’re running the AC. Naturally, you’ll run over to your thermostat and turn it down even lower, forcing your AC unit to work even harder. You’ll use even more energy to battle the heat and keep the interior cool.

You can lower your bills and save on energy by stopping hot air leaks from disrupting your indoor temperature. How? First, keep your blinds/curtains closed during the daytime to block the sun’s heat. Second, seal air gaps around windows and doors. You can do this by applying fresh layers of caulking and weatherstripping over gaps.

Don’t Ignore Maintenance Problems

If your AC unit looks like it’s in need of repairs, don’t ignore it. A broken AC unit can use more power to run half as well until the unit becomes too damaged to function. It could stop working altogether, which is the last thing you’ll want to happen in the middle of a summer heat wave.

So, if you notice it needs some maintenance or repairs, call a professional to fix it. If you don’t have the savings to cover the sudden repair costs, don’t put the repairs on the back burner for months until you do. Fix the unit as soon as possible. 

Without savings, you could borrow funds to handle the urgent repairs. You could use a credit card and pay down the balance over the course of your billing cycle. Or you could look into personal loans that are accessible in your state of residence. 

You should only use personal loans for emergency expenses. It’s not meant for expenses like groceries, car fuel or energy bills — your budget should take care of these. One of the best tips for living debt free is to create a clear budget that will help you keep track of your routine expenses. This should stop you from borrowing funds for non-emergencies.

You won’t have to sweat your energy bills this summer. You can stay cool and stay on budget at the same time.

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