Broadway Celebrity Nick Cordero Passes Away Due to Coronavirus

Nick Cordero

Amanda Kloots, wife of Broadway celebrity Nick Cordero took to her Instagram handle on July 5 to post the most heartbreaking message. She said that God has now one more angel in heaven. Kloots said that her darling husband passed away in the morning, the same day. During his last few hours, he was in the company of his family. Then, he left the world gently amidst love, prayers, and songs.

Kloot says that she is unable to believe what had happened, and it hurt her everywhere. Putting up a black-and-white photograph of Nick, she writes that she is heartbroken, and cannot imagine life without him. She describes Nick as a bright light, who was a great listener, helpful, and everyone’s friend. Her husband was a brilliant musician and actor. Along with that, he was the most loving husband and father. She ended her note saying that she and her son Elvis will miss Nick every day.

Amanda, even in her loss, did not miss to thank Dr. David Ng who looked after Nick for 91 days. She said that there were few like him- so kind, compassionate, smart, assertive, and of course a good listener. Amanda said that Dr. David is a diamond who went out of the way for her to see Nick recover.

Amanda Kloots is left heartbroken

In the second part of the note, she said that she wants to thank everyone for their support during a tough time. She says that everyone singing Live Your Life, Nick’s song made her feel better even at 3 AM. Amanda added that she was smiling while she sang the lines to him in the morning. It is because she is proud to say that Nick fought until the end and that she will love him forever.

Nick Cordero was taken to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on March 31. Here he was unconscious for quite a few days and was therefore kept in the Intensive Care Unit. Initially, doctors said that it could be pneumonia. However, the very next day on April 1, his reports for COVID-19 came out positive. After a couple of weeks, the singer’s conditions were deteriorating, and doctors suggested that an amputation was necessary on his right leg.

Amanda, who has been very brave throughout says that she chose Nick’s life when she was given the choice between him and his leg. So, the operation was done on April 18. After the amputation surgery, the doctors put Cordero on the ECMO machine to save his life. However, problems became serious when his lungs became dysfunctional. Amanda says that his lungs looked like that of a person who may have been smoking for the past 50 years.

Help from a best friend

During the entire phase when Cordero was battling for his life in the hospital, Amanda and their 1-year-old boy Elvis were staying in Zach Braff’s guest house. According to several sources Braff was one of Cordero’s best friends. So, he decided to help Amanda when she was searching for a house to stay-in until Nick was under treatment. Back in 2014, Nick Cordero was nominated in the Best Actor category. It was in the Tony Awards for his character Cheech in Bullets Over Broadway.

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