Jerry Jones Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Jerry Jones Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Jerry Jones has an estimated net worth that is to be $11 billion as of 2023. Jerry Jones is a renowned entrepreneur and owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. As a well-known billionaire, he has accumulated numerous accolades, houses, real estate business, business ventures, and many more.

Jerry Jones has upheld his authority over the National Football League (NFL) since 1989. In addition, his primary fortune came from the position of executive vice president of Modern Security Life.

Many football enthusiasts are eager to know about Jerry Jones net worth, personal life, and career. In this article, we will illustrate a single picture of Jerry Jones’s lifestyle and net worth. To acquire more information, let’s jump into the article.

Key Points about Jerry Jones

Name Jerry Jones
Net Worth $11 billion
Annual Salary $5.6 billion
Born Oct 13, 1942
Birthplace Lost Angeles
Nationality American
Profession American football player, Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Age 80 Years

Jerry Jones Net Worth

As of 2023, Jerry Jones has a lucrative net worth of $11 billion, which is impressive. Through his football career, Jerry has earned massive success and remarkable wealth. According to some sources, in 1989, he took possession of the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million.

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Having various ventures, Jerry owns multiple assets and properties. With his incredible playing skills, he became one of the highest-paid athletes in the NFL. Furthermore, his team has an estimated value of $8 million as of 2023. Moreover, Jerry Jones generated more than $5.6 million from the Dallas Cowboys.

The Sources of Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry’s income comes from several resources, including endorsement, football career, business ventures, investment, and promotion. The majority of Jerry Jones net worth has been generated from his football career. In addition, as a business enthusiast, he has invested a hefty sum of money in his real estate business.

Dallas Cowboys

As Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, he amassed a significant amount. The majority of his net worth comes from the Dallas Cowboys. Beyond that, he has earned a significant amount from various resources.


Jerry’s endorsement deals have prominent contributions to his net worth. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with several brands and companies. In addition, he has amassed significant revenue from his endorsement deals. According to some sources, he has earned $2 billion from his endorsement deals.

Business Endeavours

Having a business background, Jerry Jones knew the business from an early age. Thus, in the 1970s, Jerry Jones invested in the oil industry and accumulated his first million dollars.

Real Estate 

Most of the celebrities own real estate businesses to enhance their net worth. Similarly, Jerry Jones has an impressive real estate portfolio.

He invested in real estate business, including residential and retail real estate business. Aside from his football career, Jerry Jones is known as a successful investor.

Early Life and Education

Jerry Jones was born on October 13, 1942, in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Emerging from a family background in the gas and oil industry, Jerry Jones acquired business knowledge since his childhood. His father, Pat Jones, was the co-owner of a drilling company named Modern Equipment Company.

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jerry Jones was admitted to the University of Arkansas and displayed his football skills during his University days. As a football enthusiast, he has developed his skills and passion to pursue his career in sports. Moreover, Jerry Jones completed his graduation with a degree in Business Administration.


In 1989, Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys and played a significant role in sports. With his guidance, the Dallas Cowboys accumulated massive success and renown. Becoming the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones discharged the general manager and the legendary coach, Tom Landry.

However, his decision brought a change and sparked a lot of controversies. His journey to become a successful businessman is the testimony of Jerry’s dedication, efforts, and determination.

In addition, he became the spokesperson for several organisations and brands. Following his massive success, he has received significant awards and honors. As an accomplished businessman, he has contributed several philanthropic works.

Jerry Jones’s Achievements and Awards

As an iconic figure in America, Jerry Jones has accumulated numerous accolades throughout his career. With his tactical understanding, he has gained massive success as a football player.

 Here is a list of awards Jerry Jones has won:

  1. Super Bowl Championships
  2. The Sporting News Sportsman of the Year
  3. Horatio Alger Award
  4. Texas Sports Hall of Fame
  5. Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame
  6. Ring of Honor

Philanthropic Works

Aside from his successful career, Jerry Jones has earned fame for his remarkable works. As a generous personality, he engaged in multiple philanthropic works and contributed to several organizations and foundations.

Jerry Jones is focused on improving the lives of athletes. In addition, he is actively contributing to the advancement of the broader community.


Furthermore, they raised funds and donated them to programs, especially those related to health, sports, and education. Moreover, Jerry Jones and his family are assured to sponsor $16.5 million to help Arlington’s youth for 33 years.

FAQ about Jerry Jones Net Worth

What is the net worth of Jerry Jones?

As of 2023, Jerry Jones has an estimated net worth of $11 billion.

What is the nationality of Jerry Jones?

The nationality of Jerry Jones is American.

What is Jerry Jones’s Salary?

According to some sources, Jerry Jones’s salary is $5.6 billion generated from the Dallas Cowboys.

How did Jerry Jones make wealth?

Jerry Jones is a self-made billionaire and made his fortune and wealth through his football career. Beyond that, Jerry Jones’s revenue comes from endorsement, investment, and business endeavours.

What is the current position of Jerry Jones?

Currently, Jerry Jones is holding the ownership of the Dallas Cowboys.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Jerry Jones is an iconic figure in American sports, maintaining the position as the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

With his talent, he has shaped his team’s identity and brand. Becoming a prominent figure, he has played a vital role in charitable works. Jerry Jones net worth is the testimony of his accomplished career.

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