Diya Aur Baati Hum Characters Real Names with Photographs

Anas Rashid as Suraj Arun Rathi

Diya Aur Baati Hum Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. It is the most popular TV serial of Star Plus. Suraj Arun Rathi and Sandhya Suraj Rathi are two main characters in this TV serial. They have unique story compare to other regular family drama. In this article, we have provided real names of all characters in Diya Aur Baati Hum TV Serial.

So, let’s read brief details / information, cast real names and photographs.

Brief Details and Information of Diya Aur Baati Hum TV Series

  • Directors: Rohit Raj Goyal and Sumeet H Mittal
  • Writters: Raghuvir Sekhwat, Shashi Mittal and Seema Mantri
  • Shooting Locations: Pushkar, Karnal, Ajmer, Delhi and Singapore
  • Production House: Shashi Sumeet Productions
  • First Aired on: 29th August, 2011
  • Last Aired: Current TV Serial

Diya Aur Baati Hum Characters Real Names with Photographs

Anas Rashid as Suraj Arun RathiSuraj Arun Rathi real name is Anas Rashid

Deepika Singh as Sandhya Suraj RathiSandhya Suraj Rathi real name is Deepika Singh

Gautam Gulati as Vikram Arun RathiVikram Arun Rathi real name is Gautam Gulati

Kanika Maheshwari as Meenakshi Vikram RathiMeenakshi Vikram Rathi real name is Kanika Maheshwari

Arun Rathi aka Arun LokhandeArun Rathi real name is Arun Lokhande

Chotu aka Aryan SharmaChotu real name is Aryan Sharma

Emily Rathi aka Pooja SinghEmily Mohit Rathi real name is Pooja Singh

Chhavi Rathi aka Sehrish AliChhavi Arun Rathi real name is Sehrish Ali

Abhimanyu Singh aka Eijaz KhanAbhimanyu Singh real name is Eijaz Khan

Dado Sa aka Deepak GheewalaDado Sa real name is Deepak Gheewala

Mohit Arun Rathi aka Varun JainMohit Arun Rathi real name is Varun Jain

Chaturi aka Rashmi PitreChaturi real name is Rashmi Pitre

Arvind Kothari aka Rakesh KukretiArvind Kothari real name is Rakesh Kukreti

Kanchan Arvind Kothari aka Surbhi Tiwari Kanchan Arvind Kothari real name is Surbhi Tiwari

Santosh Arun Rathi real name is Neelu Vaghela
Maa Sa real name is Ragini Shah

Ankur Arvind Kothari real name is Varun Khandelwal
Kisna real name is Nurpur Alankaar
Malti Agarwal real name is Kiran Bhargava
Cadet Rahul real name is Alan Kapoor
Kajri real name is Pallavi Rao
Ankita Ankur Kothari real name is Urmila Nimbalkar
Dai Sa’s Bahu real name is Kanishka Soni
Govind Lal / Baba real name is Surendra Pal
Manini De Mishra as Officer Agrima Singh real name is Manini Mishra
Rajkumar / Anurag Joshi real name is Gaurav Sharma
Kavita real name is Preeti Chaudhary
Dai Sa real name is Urmila Sharma
Cadet Roma real name is Charu Asopa
Mr. Roy real name is Keith Sequeira
Amit Loheiya real name is Sumeet Darshan Dobhal
Cadet Zakir real name is Neil Bhatt

Lokesh Agarwal real name is Akshay Batchu
Laalima Agarwal real name is Shefali Sharma
Yashoda real name is Shalini Arora
Manjari real name is Vaishali Thakkar
Devi Narayani real name is Ekta Tiwari
Himanshu Dubey real name is Amit Dolawat
Chandrashekhar real name is Aadesh Chaudhary
Arjun Chaudhary real name is Arjun Punj

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Article last re-published on February 14, 2016.

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