How to Save Money in New York: 3 Proven Tips

The Big Apple is consistently ranked among the most expensive cities in the world for tourists. But this is not a reason to give up the dream: in New York, everything is possible – even saving money. The first thing to do is to find coliving spaces and resolve the housing issue.

Avoid High Season

According to recent statistics, it is most profitable to fly to New York from January to May or November. If you plan a trip for the end of winter, you can save about 23% of the average ticket price. The most expensive flights to New York for July, August, and December.

Get to and from the Airport by Public Transport

No matter which New York airport you fly into, you don’t have to spend money on a taxi. Public transport runs regularly, and the fare is inexpensive: meet the amount of $ 5-15 per person, depending on where you are from and where you are going.

Don’t Settle in Manhattan

Manhattan, which is already like a native to everyone in their favorite films and TV shows, is the most expensive area of New York. It is very difficult to find housing here without a crazy markup, just for the fact that this is Manhattan. Is a must to visit:

  • Central Park; 
  • the Upper East Side; 
  • the Museum Mile; 
  • the World Trade Center. 

But renting a hotel room or an apartment next to them is unreasonable: overpay many times over, for example, with similar or even better options in Brooklyn.

Not ready to pay extra for a fashionable geotag for hotel photos on Instagram – look for options away from the historical island. If your dream of a lifetime is to live in Manhattan at any cost, check out the hotels in the Bowery just north of Chinatown. The level of comfort and service here is not the highest, but there is a choice of relatively inexpensive hotels.

Where to Stay in New York?

There are five boroughs in New York:

Manhattan: a lot of iconic places, and easy access to attractions and other areas, but living and entertaining are expensive.

Brooklyn: three times the size of Manhattan, a huge choice of housing – from expensive apartments in Brooklyn Heights with marvelous views of the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan to cheap hotels and apartments on Brighton Beach by the ocean. There is also a golden mean.

Queens: New York’s largest borough, vibrant and multicultural. Recently, experts at Lonely Planet recognized it as the fastest-growing area of ​​the city.

The Bronx: the only New York City borough that lies almost entirely on the continental United States. Most of the people in the Bronx are Hispanic. It is considered not the most prosperous place in the city.

Staten Island: New York’s most sparsely populated borough. Hotels can be counted on the fingers, but here it is quiet and calm. There is a free ferry to Manhattan and the journey takes 25 minutes.

The best boroughs in New York in terms of price-quality-safety ratio are Brooklyn and Queens. Only in Brooklyn look for hotels away from the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, and East New York areas. In Queens, you should avoid the poor and densely populated area of ​​Jamaica, home to African and Hispanic Americans, as well as immigrants from China, India, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.

The South Bronx and Harlem are considered the most dangerous and disadvantaged areas of New York.

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