How to Pick the Best Employer of Record: 5 Aspects to Consider


If you’re planning to expand your business to a foreign country, it’s vital to keep in mind that a compliant and streamlined HR process is fundamental to success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to expand your business to a new market or want to hire global talent; understanding how to keep yourself within a foreign country’s labour laws can be challenging.

While a trusted and reliable employer of record service provider will provide you with much-needed peace of mind, picking the right company is easier said than done. Luckily, this guide helps you discover employer of record services HR platforms that are reliable and trustworthy, meaning they blend smoothly with your unique needs and requirements.

That being said, here are the aspects you need to consider when picking international global payroll services and employer of record for your business.

What’s an Employer of Record?

If you’re meeting the term employer of record for the first time, you need to understand it before learning how to pick the best service provider. An employer of record (EoR) is a worldwide company that lawfully hires and manages a business’s global workers on its behalf, allowing the HR team to focus on important tasks.

Operating in foreign countries means navigating various labour laws, HR tasks and tax requirements. A top-notch employer of record partner ensures continuous compliance with foreign labour laws and regulations while handling all risk mitigations.

5 Aspects to Consider When Picking an Employer of Record (EoR)

Always consider these important aspects when choosing an employer of record company. Finding an EoR company with these features will enable your business to succeed in a foreign country.

Enough Knowledge in Foreign Countries

Does the employer of record service provider you want to partner with have enough knowledge in the markets you want to expand to? A perfect EoR option must have a knowledgeable staff with experience in the countries where you want to hire the best talent or expand your business to.

An inexperienced employer of record may not understand the foreign country’s labour and business laws, putting your company at risk of reputational damage, fines, non-compliance and legal fees. Working with a company that understands everything regarding local labour and business laws helps you fulfil your long-term goals, including staying compliant.

Efficient Customer Service

Partnering with a knowledgeable and efficient employer of record is key. When looking for one, choose an international EoR service provider with committed account managers available 24/7. This provides you with access to professional advice while at the same time offering timely customer care support in the local language of your overseas workers.

An employer of record company with a responsive team ensures better and quick communication between your staff members since they can effortlessly reach out for help anytime they want without being redirected several times on some guides or chat boxes.

Diverse Workforce Solutions

The growth of your business and needs isn’t a problem for an experienced employer of record service provider. From setting up entities with foreign payroll services to managing global contractors, one reliable employer of record company has got you covered for all diverse workforce requirements you may have.

Find a company today and eliminate any worries and hassles of searching and hiring multiple human resource service providers. With a single international employer of record company, you can significantly reduce the complexity and costs of managing your global workforce.

Proven Track Record

When you search and find an EoR platform that promises quick support, transparent pricing and expert knowledge, ensure it delivers on its sweet words. Search and find unbiased platforms and look for references to make sure the employer of record’s services meet and even exceed existing customers’ expectations.

It’s helpful to request a potential service provider for verified references with the same qualities and objectives as your company, including the talent type, industry and the budget it works with.

Accurate Employer Burden Quotations and Calculations

Foreign labour and business requirements vary massively, especially regarding employer burden, value-added tax and social contribution requirements. An international employer of record company is responsible for ensuring it provides accurate quotes and computations on extra worker costs in all foreign markets.

If these calculations and quotes aren’t correct, your business will have no choice but to face costly financial and legal risks. Be sure to work with an employer of record that is highly vetted and ranked by third-party auditors and features a proven track record in terms of calculating employer burdens correctly.

Final Thoughts

Remember all these aspects if you want to discover employer of record services HR platforms that exceed customer expectations. The best employer of record partner will enable you to hire and manage your international staff effectively.

It allows your business to access a worldwide workforce with guaranteed compliance. Outsource your HR services today and start enjoying all the benefits the employer of record provides.

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