Everything You Need To Know About Hoop Earrings

About Hoop Earrings

Some trends last forever, and one of them is hoop earrings. It has been popular since the 60s and is still going strong to date, and the best part is that this classic can be worn by women of all ages. Don’t think that it cannot be part of your modern wardrobe just because it is a classic. It is as trendy and stylish as modern earrings and is suitable for all occasions. Be it a cocktail party, a business meeting, or a wedding, the hoop earrings can be worn without hesitation. So here’s everything to know about these earrings. 

 Origin and History of Hoop Earrings

It is believed that hoops have been around since the time of ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, and Asians, and both women and men have worn this look. It started as a way to distinguish different tribes and turned into a symbol of power and religion in society. The first hoop was recorded around 2500 BC in an African civilisation called Nubia and was done in bronze, gold, or silver. The Egyptian folks flaunted hoops and believed that they could enhance their beauty. Here is earrings design.

Fast forward to the 20th century, there was a lot of talk about these types of earrings. American women stopped using it because they believed they would be considered immigrants. Around the 1960s, it graduated to become the signature look and the trend of the decade. In the 1980s, new designs with many drops and shapes emerged, and there was a temporary slowdown. It bounced back to popularity in the early 2000s due to Latino influence. 

 What do the Hoops Symbolise, and What are the Benefits?

If any fashion trend can be considered the oldest, it has to be the hoop earrings. It symbolises empowerment, fashion, and strength. The hoops are circles, meaning wholeness, unity, and infinity. Dangling hoops grab attention, and they stand out among the various types of earrings. Some of the other benefits the hoops offer that the other earrings don’t are:

  • It gives the wearer a classical look.
  • It is never out of style and gives you an international look.
  • It brings attention to your face.
  • It can be used on any occasion.
  • It helps you play bold, and it works every time. 

 Types of Hoops and How to Style Them?

  • Small hoops: These are an ideal option for a professional setting. It highlights the face just enough without creating a lot of drama. Choose small trendy gold hoop earrings that match your clothing, or go for a neutral look as it gives a professional look that is not out of place when you wear them.
  • Big hoops: If you are out for a wild party night, choose big hoops that focus and draw attention to your face. You can choose any colour and texture as the intention is to go wild. The size of the hoop should be what is best for you. Larger or oversize hoops make your face the focal point. Based on the occasion, where you are heading, and the amount of attention you want to draw to your face, decide on the size and design of the hoops. 
  • Stacked hoops: If you are looking for something unique and fun, the stacked hoops are for you. It is a hoop within another hoop and gives you a ripple effect. If you have more than one piercing, opt for gold studs are one or a smaller hoop in one and a bigger one in the other piercing. 
  • Textured hoops: It comes in many designs, ridges, and charm and offers a look that is not plain but classy. 

 If you are new to hoop earrings, once you start using them, you will not stop as it creates such a style statement. Don’t wait. Get your first pair as soon as you can. 




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