List of Top Bollywood Actors with Photographs

Bollywood is the largest film industry in India. There are hundreds of actors working in the Hindi film industry i.e. Bollywood. We have provided here the list of top Bollywood actors with their photographs and fast facts about them. Related: List of All Bollywood Actresses with Photographs Aamir Khan Birthdate: 14th March, 1965 Spouse: Reena

22 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Photographs

Bollywood actresses are widely known across the world for their beauty. But do you know? The most of actresses looks ugly without makeup. You will be shocked after watching these photographs of all Bollywood actresses without makeup. Most of actresses does not look good without makeup. These actresses looks beautiful only with makeup. However, Katrina

7 Pakistani Stars Who Worked in Bollywood Film Industry in India

Relation between India and Pakistan are not good since 1947. Still, both countries have maintained relationship in the entertainment industry. In Pakistan, people watch Bollywood movies as well as Indian TV serials regularly. They have fond of the Indian films and TV serials. In return, the Indians welcomed the Pakistani stars in the entertainment industry of the

Bollywood Actors and Actress Real Names with Photographs

Bollywood Actors and Actress Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Bollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in India. Every year, Bollywood releases more than 700 films in Hindi language. It is considered the largest film industry in the world in terms of films releases. Bollywood has given best ever film

Top 10 Most Popular Bollywood Actresses 2015

Bollywood is blessed with so many beautiful actresses. In a movie, actress is the most important role after the actor. If an actress is beautiful as her acting, then no one can stop movie becoming blockbuster hit. We have seen that some movies didn’t have unique stories but got superb success due to the beautiful