How to Meet Mamata Banerjee Personally [Best Guide]


How to Meet Mamata Banerjee Personally [Best Guide] : Mamata Banerjee is the chief minister of West Bengal and one of the biggest politicians in India. She is also one of the most popular politicians in the West Bengal state too. She founded the political party All India Trinamool Congress on January 1, 1998. Her party ruled the state many times. She has millions of fans in the state of West Bengal as well as around the country. A few of them want to meet Mamata Banerjee personally and face to face. To help them, we have provided the best tips and guide to meet her.

How to Meet Mamata Banerjee Personally [Best Guide]

#1 How to Meet Mamata Banerjee Personally

#1 Request Mamata Banerjee Through The Mail

Mamata Banerjee may be accessible through the mail. You should prepare a good letter, stating reasons why you want to meet her personally and face to face. If possible, you should also attach the supported documents which may create strong case of yours to meet her in person. Please send the letter to the following address.

Mamata Banerjee
The Chief Minister of West Bengal
NABANNA (14th Floor)
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road,
Shibpur, Howrah-711102
West Bengal

#2 Meet At Political Rallies

Mamata Banerjee conducts many political rallies throughout the year and it is always a good chance to meet her personally and face to face. You should contact political adviser or local leaders of her party to meet help you to meet her personally. Try to create your good image in-front of them to help you to meet Mamata Banerjee face to face.

#3 Participate in Her Party Activities

It is one of the less popular ways to meet her because no one interested to join politics just for meeting any politician. However, if you are a die hard fan and want to follow her throughout your career, then joining her political party is the best way to meet her regularly.

We hope that the information and details on how to meet Mamata Banerjee personally will be useful to all fans around the world.