How to Meet Jaggi Vasudev Personally and Face to Face

How to Meet Jaggi Vasudev Personally

How to Meet Jaggi Vasudev Personally : Jaggi Vasudev is a religious leader, and author based in India. He founded the Isha Foundation, a popular foundation among the Hindu followers in the United States, Singapore, India, Uganda, Great Britain, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal, Canada, China, and Lebanon. He has a good number of followers in India and other countries. A large number of his fans want to meet him personally and face to face. To help them, we have provided tips on how to meet Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru. So, let’s read our tips!

How to Meet Jaggi Vasudev Personally

#1 How to Meet Jaggi Vasudev Personally

#1 During Isha Foundation Program or Event

Sadhguru or Jaggi Vasudev is widely travel around the world to participate in the Isha Foundation event / program. You should try to meet Sadhguru aka Jaggi Vasudev during those events. However, you should take prior permission from the local organizer to get the confirmed entry into the restricted area of the event.

#2 Request An Appointment

It is one of the best ways to meet any religious leaders in India. Most of religious leaders in India have good fan following and most of them want to meet personally and face to face. Hence, requesting an appointment is the best way to approach and meet any religious leader in India. You should send your request to the following office address of Isha Foundation, India.

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Jaggi Vasudev or Sadhguru
Isha Foundation
15, Govinda swamy layout,
Coimbatore, India

#3 Meet During Public Events or Programs

Sadhguru widely participates in public events and programs in India and abroad. Hence, it is one of the best ways to meet him in person and face to face. To increase your chances of meeting, you should need to take prior permission from the local organizer of the event / program.

So, best of luck and do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

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  1. I feel very drawn to the idea of meeting him face to face I have been to IE in Dallas and to Tennesse on Sunday but I want to be able to be face to face with my guru I feel it is important for me to do so thank you so much for your time namaste

  2. Om, Namaste! Hello, Dear Jaggi Vasudev! My sincere greetings and greetings to You! I also apologize if I disturbed You at a late hour. My name is Svetlana. I’m from Russia. I am a big fan of Sanatan Dharma. I sincerely wish that Sanatana Dharma will spread in Russia as soon as possible! I sincerely support this with my heart! I keep in touch in this direction with adherents of Sanatan Dharma both in Russia and abroad. Of course, the mass distribution in the Russian Abrahamic society, Sanatana Dharma could achieve including thanks to the canonization of the Church’s Greatest Hindu saints such as Sri Prohlada and, of course, the establishment in churches of Murti and images of Bhagawan and Avatars. Especially now Russia needs to Mahadeva, Couples, an avatar of Sri Krishna and Mother ADI Shakti Couple.

  3. Hi Sadhguru I am a believer of lord Shiva and trust him to my life. My life is full of roller coaster I try to manage it but I feel something some spirits or some spiritual power and recently faced an issue which need to discuss personally with you.
    I request you to please give me a path in my life. Please help me in reaching you.

  4. Dear Sadhguru I did inner enjineering and asked you to hold my hand during that tremendous program and to my amazement you hold my hand and assure me to help me always. From then whenever I think of you I found you beside me. Thank you gurudev. My sincere gratitude to You. I wish to meet you in person. Hope I ll get this opportunity soon.

  5. Dear sadguru namaskaram! I have been trying to meet you since 2 years and somehow i couldn’t reach to you i don’t know how to take a part in inner engineering i wanna know about past regression therapy and you are the best i could ever get

  6. Dear Sahdguru

    Please help me help myself get on the path again. You help me through my operation and diagnosis. Now as you predicted life is poking me with challenges…I wish I could meet you. Somehow I feel I need to see you again in order to get on the path. And I have a deeper more concerning fear which I need to talk to you about. I don’t think anyone else can guide me on this

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