How to Meet Nirmal Baba Personally and Face to Face

Nirmal Baba was born to Nirmaljeet Singh Narula in Samana, Punjab, India. Nirmal Baba is a well-known Indian spiritual leader and a motivational speaker. He is famous for his public discourses and he has several followers in India as well as around the world. His show Nirmal Darbar was broadcasted by approximately 40 different channels

How to Meet Baba Ramdev In Person and Face to Face [Guide]

Sunderlal aka Mayur Vakani

Baba Ramdev is a popular Yoga instructor and business leader in India. He is widely known as one of the influencing personalities in Yoga field in India. He owns the popular business brand, Patanjali, which is involved in several businesses. Patanjali is a market leader in several business products. In this article, we have provided

How to Meet Radhe Maa Personally and Face to Face [Best Tips]

Radhe Maa is a popular self-styled God-woman in Mumbai, India. She is one of the most popular and controversial God-woman aka religious leaders in Mumbai. Her real name is Sukhvinder Kaur. She is also a popular spiritual leader, who involved in many controversies, such as dowry-related complaint, sexual harassment and others. Still, a good number of