How to determine whether a quality casino or not?

Every year, many new online casinos are opened. There are more and more of them. Moreover, this applies to licensed and unlicensed institutions. It’s not even in the new sites but in their total number (and it’s enormous). So how do you figure out which of them can and should play? Which of them is worth your attention and, most importantly – your money?

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A good license 

The first thing you need to pay attention to – the license. Information about the permit should be in any virtual gambling establishment’s footer.

But words are just words until there is some proof. To this end, there are either text links in the footer or links in the form of icons to the websites of the relevant authorities which issued the listed license. It says that such-and-such a casino with such-and-such a legal address has such-and-such a permit, and it’s active. About the same is listed on all such sites.

Lots of games

Good casinos have a lot of games. Of course, there are exceptions, but not many. 

If a casino has at least a Maltese license and about 1,000 games, it’s already saying a lot. But quantity does not always indicate quality. It’s only a proxy indicator that helps build the big picture. Use it wisely.

And here, too, a word or two about unlicensed establishments. They use emulators, but copies are not all slots. Most often, there are emulators of games from Novomatic. You can find slots on Playtech, NetEnt, and several other companies less often. The key word here is “some. More often, emulators from NetEnt – a few pieces or a few dozen (although the original slot machines have more than a hundred).

If the casino has Microgaming, Endorphina, or Amatic products, chances are you’re looking at the original games, not fakes.

Thoughtful design

Appearance also says a lot, but only sometimes. Modern website construction allows the creation of beautiful sites even for people far from this sphere. Moreover, there are companies engaged exclusively in creating new online casinos on a turnkey basis. You pay money – and you make a site according to specifications. And in this, in principle, there is nothing wrong; just distinguishing bad from good casinos is becoming increasingly difficult.

Casinos for PC are more and more reminiscent of sites for mobile devices. And it’s quite a logical trend because more mobile users are now.

Taking care of players

A true quality online casino consistently implements plenty of self-limiting options. For example, in an ideal casino, there are the following features:

  • Deposit limit,
  • Loss limit,
  • Wagering limit,
  • Session limit
  • Time Alert,
  • Access to Player History,
  • Pause Account,
  • Self Assessment.

Ideally, there are also links to various charities dealing with addiction, as well as special programs that can be used to block access to any online casinos on your PC completely.

Any quality institution should have similar restrictions – at least a limit on deposits. In addition, the player must be able to limit their access to the gaming resource.

If such an option does not exist, the institution thinks only about itself and its profits and is most likely focused on short-term rather than long-term prosperity.

Excellent support

Customer support is one of the most critical components of an excellent online casino. So where does a player go with any problems? First and foremost, the support team. It should be available 24 hours a day and in different ways: email, online chat, and preferably telephone (and free of charge). Most often, the second method is the most relevant. The player writes to the chat room, and one of the staff members gets in touch with him immediately. He must quickly get into the problem and help as soon as possible. If this does not happen, or he begins to be obtuse/rude or even speaks poorly in your native language – then there is every reason to think about the quality of this institution.


When you withdraw substantial amounts, a good casino asks for many documents confirming your identity. It is standard practice. Imagine if your account was hacked, and they are trying to withdraw money. In that case, you would hope the online casino has provided this option. There’s no need to get angry at frequent requests to give scans – it’s how the casino protects itself and you.

Suppose you’re not asked for confidential data when registering but can log in to the site through your Google or Facebook account – or only asked for a username and password. You will likely face a fraudulent or “pirate” establishment in that case.

In a good casino, you’ll always have to enter a decent amount of data in the registration and always want to confirm the identity of sending some documents.



A good casino is bound to be rewarded for merit in the gambling industry. Sooner or later. If the institution has been operating for several years or even more, you can look at the bottom of the site badges with awards. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to check their authenticity immediately; you have to go to the award website or search for news on the subject. But this procedure only takes a few minutes and will give you absolute confidence in the site’s quality.


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