How Frequently Should You Exercise? Exercise with a Personal Trainer in Dublin

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Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to spend hours at a time in the gym every day to achieve your fitness goals. In fact, if you do, you’ll burn out in the gym more quickly. Instead, it’s crucial to begin slowly and gradually increase your gym time—especially for novices. The best approach to get into a regular exercise routine is to work out with a personal trainer in Dublin who can help you stick to your workout schedule.

How Frequently Should You Work Out?

Your level of fitness and goals will determine how frequently you should visit the gym. Everyone should be active. In fact, it is advised that all adults combine strength training with aerobic exercise many times each week to maintain their muscle mass. You decide how frequently you work out at the gym. The most crucial thing is to begin and continue consistently.

Exercise Program for Newcomers

  • 2 to 3 full-body muscle-building workouts each week are recommended.
  • 25 minutes of cardio at least one to two days a week (i.e., cycling, running, swimming, etc.)

Schedule for Intermediates in the Gym

  • 3–4 full-body sessions per week at a greater level of intensity, with verifiable progressions based on strength and using compound exercises.
  • 25 minutes of cardio at least one to two days a week

Exercise Program for Advanced Exercisers Four to five days per week of exercises that grow muscle quickly enough to improve cardiovascular endurance.

The aim of exercise should be general health rather than a specific number of gym days per week. It’s acceptable if you work long hours and only have a few mornings or evenings available to work out. To see results, you don’t need to visit the gym five times per week. Our personal trainers in Dublin at ideal accommodate your schedule.

How Frequently Should You Visit a Trainer?

Your fitness level and goals will also influence how frequently you see a personal trainer. Beginners might be unsure about where to begin or how to utilize the equipment when they first enter a gym. Advanced gym attendees may already know how to exercise properly, but they may want someone to teach them new moves or challenge them more throughout their workouts. As a result, everyone can gain from working with a personal trainer in Dublin at some point in their fitness journey.

Schedule for Personal Training for Novices

For the first six weeks as a novice, you should visit a personal trainer two to three times a week. This facilitates the development of a dependable workout programmer, which is crucial in the beginning. It’s a good opportunity to pick up new moves and methods, as well as to ensure that you’re working out in the safest manner possible. You run the risk of hurting yourself if you lift weights that are too heavy for you or with poor form. Therefore, it is crucial to train with a personal trainer before working out on your own if you are just starting at the gym.

At ideal fitness, we offer beginner-friendly personal trainers in Dublin that can assist you in creating a solid foundation for success in the gym.

Schedule for Personal Training for Intermediates

You have two choices after working with a personal trainer twice or three times per week for six weeks: reduce your personal training sessions to once or twice per week and work out on your own the other days, or remain with your training plan. Working out with a personal trainer has several advantages. One benefit is that a trainer holds you responsible and inspires you. As a result, it’s a good idea to continue attending your workouts even after your initial six weeks of gym training.

Superior Gym Personal Training Calendar Participants

Working out with a personal trainer provides advantages, even for the gym-savvy. You can continue with your training programmer while learning new exercises and achieving even higher fitness goals. One training session every week will help you prepare for the remainder of the week with success.

We at ideal fitness provide a range of training programmers with personal trainers in Dublin. Additionally, you can use our open gym on days when you’re working out alone.

Tips for Maintaining a Fitness Routine

There are numerous strategies to keep exercising motivated. If you struggle to maintain consistency while trying to priorities your health and fitness, use these success tips:

Start out slowly.

In your first few weeks of working out at the gym, there is no need to “go hard in the paint.” begin slowly. Especially if you’ve led a pretty sedentary lifestyle, this is ideal for your health. Start going to the gym two to three days a week for four weeks to achieve the best results. proceed from there.

Make (and follow) a plan.

Create a successful plan after deciding how many days each week you will visit the gym. Make a decision regarding when you will exercise: in the morning before work, in the afternoon over lunch, or in the evening after all of your other obligations have been attended to. Your likelihood of continuing to go to the gym regularly will increase if you establish a more consistent schedule for yourself.

Create immediate objectives

It’s fantastic if you have a significant, long-term fitness objective, such as to lose 50 pounds, participate in a fitness competition, or consistently work out five days per week. Setting short-term objectives along the way is the best strategy for achieving your long-term fitness goals. Short-term objectives are simpler to complete, and each time you do, you have an accomplishment to be proud of. You’ll remain inspired to accomplish your major objectives thanks to this forward motion.

Workout in Dublin with a personal trainer

Your own self-investment is one of the best investments you can make. Making care of your health a priority is crucial because it is so important. Working with a personal trainer in Dublin will help you achieve and surpass your fitness objectives as well as enhance your quality of life in general.

Exercise at Ideal Fitness, a gym in Dublin

Ideal fitness is dedicated to giving you the greatest Dublin gym experience since we understand the importance of exercising. Every day of the week, our trainers are available to assist you in developing a reliable workout schedule and safe gym procedures. Additionally, with our new Dublin open gym, you can reserve our private studio for your own workouts.


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