How to Choose Blank Tap Handles for Logo Branding?

While exclusive tap handles can be too expensive, blank tap handles are a more affordable option that also allows you to promote the brand and stand out from the competition.

You can apply the logo of your brewery, the name of a beer variety or a bright memorable slogan that will attract the attention of potential customers and will help increase sales of your products.

In this article we have compiled 5 key points to consider before ordering such beer taps:

1.Decide on the material

The material from which the beer tap handles are made determines their cost, weight and durability. 

You can order products of ceramics, wood, and plastic. Plastic is the most economical, and wood and ceramics are more durable, convenient to work with, and stylish.

2.Choose the right size and shape

Think in advance about what size and shape of tap handles will be suitable for your establishment.

Too large or too small models can affect usability and overall appearance.

Most of these products have the following dimensions:

  • Standard height is 9-13 inches;
  • The height of the short handles is 4-6 inches;
  • Width/depth: up to 3 inches.

As for shapes, here you can find cylindrical and rectangular products with a knob, where you can apply a logo; paddle-shaped models, etc.

3.Select the appropriate color

The color and finish of generic beer taps have a significant impact on their appearance, as well as ways to complement branding.

So, if we are talking about wood products, they are usually supplied in black or white. Ceramic models are also made in black and white, as well as in various shades of marble (blue, green, creamy pink, white and gray).

4.Personalize your logo

Don’t forget to brand the beer tap handles with your logo.  You can apply it both on the wood and on a special iron plate (relevant for ceramics).

5.Order the required quantity

Some brands offer discounts when ordering multiple generic taps at once. Take advantage of this offer to save on purchases!

You can find stylish and modern blank tap handles on the site of the popular company Xpress Tap Handles. This brand specializes in the production of such products and in their range you will surely find generic taps, which will become a real decoration of your bar!

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