Marilyn Manson Dropped From Record Label After Allegations of Abuse

Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood, the actress, accused Marilyn Manson of allegations of abuse. Manson’s recording label dropped his contract following the event. Rachel said that she faces horrifying experiences with the singer.

Loma Vista dropped Marilyn Manson due to allegations of abuse to Evan Rachel Wood and many others. The label Loma Vista said that they would not tolerate Manson’s actions. They will restrain themselves from working with the musician from now. His recent album will not also find any promotion from the company.

Marilyn Manson dismissed all the accusations. He said that Evan Rachel had distorted the facts.

Starz networks removed Manson from American God

The makers of American Gods of Starz network also eliminated the guest appearance part of Marilyn Manson.

He was supposed to appear in the coming episode of the show. The Starz network said that they decided to remove his portion from the show due to recent allegations against him. The TV network stood by the victims unmistakably with their actions.

Marilyn Manson’s last album was in the eighth position on the US chart and seventh position on the UK. Loma Vista released his last album last year.

Loma Vista had been working with Marilyn Manson since 2015. It began with “ The Pale Emperor.”

Wood claimed her relationship with Manson was horrific

Evan Rachel Wood said that Manson and her three years relationship was a nightmare to her. They started dating at the end of the noughties. They started seeing each other in 2007. Their engagement happened in 2010. The two celebrities broke up at the end of that year itself. (ambien sleeping pill online)

Earlier, Wood said that she suffered rape and domestic violence. But she didn’t take anyone’s name through that time. She wrote on her Instagram account that the singer Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner, abused him.

Manson was her groomer from her teenage. But she faced abuse for years from him. There were absolute indoctrination and manipulation to gain Woods’ submission. She will not live her life with the fear of blackmail, retaliation, or slander anymore. He should not have any right in the future to ruin anyone’s lives. It is the reason she is exposing his real brutal side. She believes after her truth; many victims will come out and say their trauma to him.

Manson said that he knows that he always was the favorite child of controversy and his art. However, he denied Wood’s allegations. He called these terrific distortions of facts.

Manson denied Wood’s claims, calls it a misrepresentation of the truth

He said that he had been with partners with the same kind of mentality level as him. All his relationships were consensual. He has no idea why anyone is disturbing the truth and wrongly misrepresenting his image. Many other victims came out and accused Manson of abuse.

Wood demanded an investigation from the department of justice

Rachel Evan Wood released a picture On Tuesday; Wood posted an image of the letter. Susan Rubio, senator of California, wrote that letter to Monty Wilkinson. He is an Attorney General. The letter requested the Department of Justice of the United States of America to investigate the allegations against Manson.

Allegations against Marilyn Manson

Ashley Walters, who worked with Manson as his personal assistant, accused him of being violent. Allegedly he used to hurl hefty objects and glass plates at her.

She even faced sexual harassment from him. There were many instances where Manson put forward his sexual desires. He disturbed their professional relationship. She quit her job, but he continued his nuisances. Walters is now facing issues of depression and PTSD.

The SourGirrrl Gabriella accused Manson of raping her. She said that he used to tie her and forcefully made her consume drugs. Manson even wanted to make a pact with blood and cut each other’s hands with smashed glasses. She once tried to attempt suicide a Christmas time. Gabriella spent that Christmas in the hospice care. After her break up with him, she faced PTSD issues and presently tolerated nightmares.

Sarah McNeilly alleges  Manson of him threatening her to be hit by a baseball bat. Manson bashed her against a wall once. He locked her up in a room when she was “out of line.” He chastised her and broke her completely. She is also a PTSD patient and suffers problems of mental health.

Ashley Lindsay Morgan said Manson did not allow her to sleep, eat or even get out of the house. Manson wanted her to fetch Nazi memorabilia after burning and cutting her. Lindsay suffers from anxiety issues, PTSD, and nightmares.

Evan Rachel Wood, with her initiative “The Phoenix”

Evan Rachel Wood, in interviews previously said that she was a survivor of rape. She came up with “the Phoenix act.” It extended the legislation of domestic violence limitations from three years to get a hike to five years.

Gavin Newsom, The California governor, passed legislation in October 2019. The law came to effect in January 2020.

Wood confronted Congress that she did not know about the drug abuse and alcoholism of the person who abused her. He often had an immense amount of jealousy, which instigated violence at their home. The abuser used to threaten her and lock her into a room.

Manson’s spokesperson didn’t comment. He said he would refrain from commenting on personal matters.

Who is Rachel Wood?

Wood is 33 years old and appeared in films like The Ides of March and The Wrestler. She also lent her voice to the characters in movies like the Vikings, Asterix, and Frozen II.

Wood gained success after playing Dolores Abernathy, a sentient android in Westworld, an HBO series. She started featuring in the series in 2016.

Marilyn Manson is now 52 years old. He has worked since 1994 and released 11 albums. Three of those were among the top charts in the UK.

Manson’s biggest success came when he made the cover of the song Tainted Love. The song was in 5th position in the 2001 hit chart.

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