How is the career in Metaverse?


The tech community cannot stop raving about the benefits of the metaverse. The number of candidates interested in a career in metaverse has been increasing gradually. With average annual salary estimates for metaverse professionals ranging between $97,000 and $240,000, it is reasonable to assume that the metaverse offers promising career development opportunities. On the other hand, it is also important to understand the job market in metaverse to validate your assumptions. 

Before you seek metaverse career opportunities, you should check whether they would help you achieve your career objectives. The exponential growth expected in the global metaverse market by 2030, with an estimated market capitalization of $1.5 trillion, presents a valid reason to pursue career opportunities in the metaverse. The following post offers you a detailed guide for an in-depth understanding of the career opportunities available in the metaverse.

Existing State of the Metaverse Market

The state of the metaverse market can help in evaluating the scope for candidates to land metaverse-related jobs. Candidates seeking metaverse jobs should note that the metaverse market has attracted the attention of big tech companies. In addition, retailers and e-commerce brands have also ventured into the metaverse for branding use cases. The top tech companies investing in the metaverse include Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Unity, Epic Games, Roblox and Yuga Labs.

Another important highlight about the metaverse market for an aspiring metaverse expert would refer to the growing investment in metaverse. Metaverse projects garnered almost $57 billion as an investment in 2021. Surprisingly, large tech organizations, private equity companies, venture capital firms and startups pushed over $120 billion into the metaverse market in 2022. 

Which Factors Have Been Driving Metaverse Adoption?

The search for exclusive career opportunities in the metaverse also leads to discussions regarding the factors which have been driving interest in the metaverse. Almost 60% of the respondents in a report by McKinsey have expressed a positive attitude about using metaverse for transforming everyday activities. According to the same report, 95% of business leaders believe that the metaverse will have a positive impact in the next five to ten years. 

The clarification regarding answers for “How do I start work on metaverse?” should reflect on the ability of metaverse to generate economic value. Estimates suggest that metaverse could contribute around $2 trillion worth of economic value to the e-commerce sector by 2030. Similarly, metaverse would also have a dominant influence on the economics of other sectors, such as advertising, gaming and online learning. 

What Are the Career Opportunities in Metaverse?

You can also learn more about the prospects for career development in the metaverse by identifying the noticeable career opportunities. The continuous growth of the metaverse market offers an opportunity to every certified metaverse professional to build a lucrative career. Some of the notable job roles in the domain of metaverse include, 

  • Blockchain developers
  • Smart contract engineers
  • Game developers
  • Virtual event planners
  • 3D modeling professionals
  • User experience designers
  • Content creators

In addition, the emerging use cases of the metaverse have also resulted in development of project-specific roles. Candidates interested in a metaverse career can explore jobs in different sectors according to their skills and professional development objectives. You would need technical skills such as spatial computing technology, blockchain, programming skills and user experience design. On top of it, you would also require skills for communication and teamwork.

Role of Professional Training

The best way to capitalize on the career opportunities in the metaverse involves a reliable metaverse technology course and certifications. You need to choose trusted training courses such as the Metaverse Fundamentals and Metaverse Technology course. Furthermore, you should also complement your metaverse training with a professional certification. The Certified Metaverse Professional or CMP credential is an effective choice for validating your expertise in metaverse technology.


The review of the state of career opportunities in the metaverse proves that metaverse technology can empower careers of the future. On top of it, the growing adoption of metaverse implies that metaverse jobs would continue evolving. As user behavior patterns change and new innovative models emerge in the metaverse, professional experts will be in high demand.

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