How To Save On Car Insurance For New Drivers?

You need to get an affordable auto insurance policy with the correct coverage before acquiring a car or borrowing your parents’ cars. Since new drivers often pay the highest vehicle insurance premiums, finding affordable coverage might be difficult. Good news: here is advice for new drivers on how to Find Cheap Car Insurance in California.

Auto insurance rates for new drivers tend to be high for a few reasons. Most importantly, inexperienced teenage drivers are more prone to cause accidents and file insurance claims. Insurers calculate premiums based on the degree of risk each client poses. Therefore, each driver will have a unique premium. By reading this article, you’ll learn how to lower your auto insurance premiums as a new driver.

The time to get insurance is just after you have your license

If possible, you should get insurance as soon as you get your license, whether it’s a learner’s permit, a probationary license, or a class 5 license. The premium for an infrequent male driver remains high even if he drives extremely seldom or never. You must get low cost auto insurance on your parent’s car, either as a secondary driver or a temporary driver. Insurers typically give drivers a “3” driving rating once they have their license. The young driver can begin building a car insurance record by enrolling in this policy at a young age. If they go their whole lives without an accident, they will be rewarded with lower premiums when they get a car and insure themselves as the primary driver.

Reduce the Number of Separate Policies

Like the average citizen, you undoubtedly have more than one insurance policy covering things like your house, car, and maybe even a motorbike or all-terrain vehicle. Consolidating all your insurance with one insurer will make things simpler for you and may qualify you for additional savings.

You may also ask them if it makes sense to ensure all of your family’s vehicles are with one provider.

Go for a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly car

Businesses typically offer additional savings of up to 20% to their customers who drive green cars, such as hybrids, plug-in electrics, and other vehicles that reduce fuel usage. However, there is a higher initial investment required to get this vehicle.

Preemptively Modify Your Vehicle Insurance

You may be able to purchase a vehicle insurance policy from some providers in advance of the policy’s actual effective date. This way, the motorist can get out of their current policy without incurring cancellation fees and enroll in the new insurer’s temporary offers. In addition to being shielded from future rate increases, the driver is protected from any gains resulting from accidents during the term.

Don’t Buy a Car Until You Talk to Your Insurance Company

Insurance costs can vary by hundreds of dollars annually, even among vehicles in the same class. Getting in touch with your broker before going automobile shopping will give you an idea of your insurance premium costs, help you narrow down your options, and save you from exceeding your spending limit.

Although some businesses may not be as keen on insuring a young driver as others, it doesn’t mean there aren’t those willing to provide you with competitive rates. Young drivers, who have many years of driving and insurance premiums ahead of them to pay, have a higher accident rate than older insured people. In addition, some insurance companies discourage young drivers from shopping around for a new policy every year by offering tempting loyalty discounts. The key to a long-term relationship with an insurance provider is shopping for the best possible terms.

Including Extras?

Supplemental auto insurance policies, or “add-ons,” provide added protection against monetary loss. Individuals sometimes go overboard when selecting optional extras, leading to costly and unnecessary levels of coverage. You wouldn’t buy these things on the spot at the store. Maybe one extra isn’t even necessary.

Use discretion while selecting extras; pick only ones that have a purpose. For instance, if you frequently drive with pricey electronics, you should have Passenger Cover, but if you drive alone, you should acquire a Car Accessories Cover.

When Buying Auto Insurance Online

Directly obtaining insurance from the insurer can save you up to 80% on your auto insurance prices. Curious as to how? You save money by going to the source, i.e., the insurance provider. Nowadays, insurance providers focus primarily on digital operations. This means that they spend little on things like buildings and infrastructure. The savings they receive from this are then passed on to the buyer. 

As a result, buying cheap auto insurance online is quick, simple, and handy as you can shop around and compare policies from multiple insurers to find the best one for you.


Considering the factors above, it’s impossible to provide a universally accurate answer to the question, “How much is insurance for a new driver?” To obtain low-cost auto insurance, new drivers should do their homework and take advantage of discounts.


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