How Digital Marketing Company In India Boost Your Brand? 4 Ways!

digital marketing company in india

If you are hovering on this page, one may assume that – you know how competitive the digital market ecosystem is and wondering where guest blogging fits into this. After all, despite the recent Google updates, the ‘blogs’ still seem to bring back the highest ‘relevant’ traffic to your website, apart from assisting you to acquire natural links from high DA websites. So, what is that ‘X’ factor that is there in guest blogs that social media adverts cannot leverage? Also, if at all – then what must one check before engaging professional guest blogging services for their websites? Well, you have your answers right here!

What are guest blogging services? 

Guest blogging is a specific content marketing technique with assuredly high ROI, wherein someone writes articles/ content/ pieces for someone else’s website (that is parallel to the original website’s niche) to drive back incremental traffic to their blog. In the process, the original blog’s organic search rankings also increase. 

When a professional service provider does this writing job – it is called a guest blogging service. 

Why do you need them in current times? 

Its relevance in current times is related to the facts given below – 

  • Compared to social media adverts, posts, and gimmicks, guest blogging brings in major returns! 
  • When you seek professional guest blogging services, they know the correct set of websites to pitch, connect with high DA and PA websites that will pass on positive SEO results to your website, and generate ideas that resonate with concerned editors. Thus, on the whole – you are getting an unmissable package at a minimal cost. 
  • When placed against the costs and returns associated with any content marketing tool, the return rate for guest blogs in terms of publicity is significantly higher. There have been multiple cases where such posts have garnered more backlinks and redirected the reader to the target website. 
  • Blogs are your gateway to reaching the top tier. When the bots from Google crawl along your websites, they rate the content on the E-E-A-T model (experience/expertise/authority/trust). It is here that blogs maximize chances of presenting themselves as a piece of content aligned to the website’s demands. The higher the E-E-A-T ratings, the higher the rank and the higher your audience outreach. 
  • Lastly, blogs are informative in nature. Therefore, unlike other marketing tools, blogs not only bring in traffic but also make the entity aware of the concerned topic in the process. Naturally, this increases its credibility compared to other traffic-driving techniques.  

Clearly, guest blogging is here to stay, and if you haven’t leveraged its magnetic power to boost your business, it is time you look into it. 

What to check before getting guest blogging services? 

Whether you are a novice or have been part of this domain, picking the correct guest blogging service is a tricky affair. 

  • How much do they know about the market and your target niche? 

The primary factor to check is – whether the service providers know ‘your market’ and if they do, then how much. Choose one who is aware of your consumer’s needs, the latest updates, and the competitors of your brand. Only then will they be able to strategize guest posts that ‘hit’ the right note. 

  • Do they ‘talk’ your language? 

You have a market (or targeted market), and there is a specific language you speak. In that case, you must check that your guest bloggers write your ‘language’ to draw the market that you wish to attract. Only when the audience will connect and get answers to their queries will they reach out to your website. 

  • What is their competitive edge in this industry? 

When choosing guest blogging services, you also must check their ‘edge’ in the market. Note their turnover rates, check what ‘key’ factors they concentrate on, and if that matches your market’s desire. The crucial factor of your choice is the industry experience of the blogger and how he utilizes that to increase views. 

  • How high is their service rate? 

For the yet-unversed, guest blogs are not a one-of-a-time thing. They are a regular affair. Hence, you need to find a service provider within your set budget who is ready to provide you with – regular posts on the ‘hot’ topics of your target niche and link them categorically with the desired websites. There must be a regular time interval between the posts so that the Google algorithm can track and check the same. 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have been reading through this digital content, you are aware of the competitiveness of blogging as a guest and have garnered an idea about choosing the correct guest blogging services. Therefore, it is high time you seek out a reputed and proven service provider who understands the market and your targeted niche and acts towards upgrading your search rankings. What are you waiting for? Switch tabs and figure out the services that suit your demands the most! 

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