Ways to Block out Digital Tech Distractions and Get Work Done

Digital Tech Distractions

Working in a digital environment is a surefire way to become more productive. Tasks that used to take employees hours or entire days can now be completed within minutes thanks to modern tools and programs. 

But new apps, social networks, and similar online features can also distract you and stop you from doing your real job. Many workers are now struggling with productivity because they cannot fend off the temptation of third-party apps and tools. 

There is a way out, however. In this article, we are going to show you how to block out digital tech distractions and get the work done. Let’s take a look at the nine most practical tips!

  1. Forget voice over

Millions of employees worldwide use Mac to power their business operations. One of the major distractions, if you are using Mac, can be voice over. Our suggestion is to turn off voice over and continue working without it. Users sometimes activate it by mistake and then have a hard time working in peace, so this is the first thing to check and do if you want to boost productivity.

2. Purchase headphones to cancel noise

If you really hate external sounds because they keep distracting you, perhaps you should purchase headphones that cancel noise easily. The market is packed with noise cancelling earbuds and they are relatively affordable these days, so there is no need to struggle with annoying sounds anymore. Use a pair of good earbuds and you can focus on your work exclusively.

3. Block other sites and apps

Let’s be honest and reveal the most persistent productivity killers here. Yes, we are talking about all the other apps and websites you are not using for work-related purposes. Luckily enough, there is an easy way to block other sites and apps while doing your job. There are many high-quality anti-procrastination apps out there and you should pick one to block social networks and your favorite websites while working.

4. No multitasking 

Multitasking has become a mantra of 21st-century business, but do you know that it actually hurts productivity? No one is more productive when multitasking. It’s just an illusion many employees are living with in the last couple of decades. In order to become more productive, stop using multiple apps simultaneously and concentrate on one activity at a time. 

5. Take breaks as planned

Who says you cannot take breaks if you want to become more productive and get the work done? Of course you can do it, but make sure to do it more cleverly than before. The secret is to take breaks as planned. For instance, stick to your plan of resting 15 minutes every couple of hours, but don’t overdo it. The idea is to take a rest when needed without spending more time than planned. 

6. Create to-do lists

If you want to become super productive, you need to set clear goals. This is exactly why we recommend creating to-do lists for every day and week, if possible. To-do lists give you a better overview of what’s ahead, so you can focus on the next task only. Once you’re done with it, you can move on to the next activity. 

7. Turn off the sound on your smartphone

Are you getting dozens of calls and messages on your smartphone every single day? We believe you do because, hey, that’s how modern life and business work. But we want to tell you a secret – smartphone notifications are genuine productivity killers and you need to get rid of them while working. The way out is to set your phone to silent and check the device only when you’re taking breaks. 

8. Set boundaries

In case you are working from home, do your best to set boundaries and prevent family members from distracting you. This tip is quintessential because you cannot work properly and remain productive if your kids keep coming in and out of the home office. 

9. Unsubscribe

Finally, you should unsubscribe from all those apps, websites, mailing lists, and other features that keep sending you notifications and messages every minute or so. It will set you free from totally unnecessary distractions and allow you to concentrate on what matters the most – and that is your daily job.

The Bottom Line

If you feel like digital tech distractions stop you from getting the work done, you have to take advantage of practical tips and tricks in order to become more productive. We described nine very useful and easy-to-implement hacks, but now it’s your turn to use them and finally become a super-productive employee!

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