Finding A New Baby Gift Idea for Baby Shower

Baby Gift Idea

You are all excited about attending your dear friend’s baby shower party but as of yet, not sure as to what to take along as the perfect gift for the occasion? Nothing unusual in that. After all, there are few things that can be as exciting and joyful as welcoming a whole new bundle of joy into the world. And in bargain, there is the Mum (your friend, i.e.) and you want to show all your love and appreciation for her as she enters this new phase of her life. 

Actually, this is what makes it somewhat difficult when it’s time to come up with a great new baby gift idea for baby shower parties. You can think of certain items, of course. However, no one or even two, three items seem satisfactory enough to you given the importance of the occasion. This is why we feel newborn baby gift hampers present a wonderful solution to the quandary. You can create your own baby gift basket or hamper and can put in an assortment of items, according to your taste, choice, and budget. An alternative is to choose from a range of unique and gorgeous baby gift hampers offered by a dedicated baby hampers company such as M&H Baby Hampers. The latter, a family endeavor started by three mums, offers a wide range of cute, useful, and lovingly prepared baby hampers for all those little bundles of joy. At M&H, you’ll never be lacking in choice when it comes to selecting fabulous baby gift hampers for baby shower parties and other similar occasions. 

Why We Feel New Baby Hampers Make for an Ideal Gift

A Baby Shower party, whether held before or after the birth of the baby, is in many ways a unique occasion in the life of the parents, the mum especially. It is an occasion filled with joy and bliss, at the same time however it heralds a new and challenging chapter in the life of the mum, even more so for the new mums.

Taking care of the newborn, looking after him/her and tending to all the needs of the baby all day long can be quite exhausting at times. However, you can do your bit in easing the process for the mum by helping her stock on all the various useful items that she will need as she takes care of the baby. And a baby hamper or basket allows you to put in a collection of these items in one attractive gift package. 

Things to Put Inside a Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

Commonly, items in a baby gift hamper are meant to be functional and useful ones so that the mum never runs out of essential bay supplies. So, we’re talking about baby care items (organic baby shampoo, oils, lotion, nappies, skincare, wipes, etc.); grooming items (baby nail trimmer, cotton buds, cotton wool, sun hat, hairbrush, sunscreen lotion); cute baby clothes (rompers, socks, wraps, cardigans, booties, onesies, baby grows, gloves, etc.); practical baby gifts (bath gown, bath towels, bibs, baby pacifiers, thermometers, bottles, sponges, etc.); fun toys and accessories (rattles, musical toys, bath toys, activity chains, baby teething rings, cuddly teddies and so on); keepsakes such as popular and useful books (for slightly older babies) like alphabet books, bedtime books, baby board books, etc.; and finally, some great and loving presents for the mum herself. 

Now, when selecting your baby gift basket whether you are preparing one on your own or choosing one from a reputed baby hamper company, you may either go for baskets or hampers that are prepared with a variety of products of the same kind such as baby clothes gift basket or pure baby care gift hamper, or you may settle for one that puts in an assortment of different items from across the above categories. Of course, what kind of baby gift basket you choose or what items will go there will also obviously depend on your budget as well.

Preparing Your Own Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

It is a lot of fun arranging a baby gift hamper on your own. This allows you greater flexibility and more room to add personalized touches. You know the mum’s favorite chocolate or treats? Put them in the basket and this little touch will surely be appreciated by the young mother! Apart from that, you’ll yourself enjoy the whole process of lovingly putting together the basket, knowing that your gift will fill the nursery of the newborn with your genuine care and love for both the baby and the mum. 

As for choosing the basket or the hamper, you can settle for anything like

  • Cloth-lined wicker hampers
  • Baskets made of natural fibers like cane, bamboo, willow or straw
  • Nursery bins and canvas boxes
  • Prettily designed tins or covered boxes (for smaller number of items)
  • And finally, baby bathtubs if you’re showering the mum and her little bundle of joy with a whole host of articles and love!

As for personalizing your baby hamper, consider using cute wooden or plastic letters or a bead chain to make the baby’s name and attach it to the hamper. Finally, use a wonderful gift wrap, delicate paper flowers, layers of soft-colored tissue paper, lavish sets of colorful ribbons, etc. to make the hamper as attractive as you want. 

Let M&H Baby Hampers Help You

Or, if you lack the time to create your own baby gift basket, M&H Baby Hampers is always there to come to your aid. A family-owned business specializing in gift hampers, Milly & Henry offers a range of crazily cute baby gift hampers for Baby Shower and similar occasions such as First Birthday and the like. 

You can choose from Girls, Boys, Mums, Twins, Unisex for when the baby shower is held before the birth of the baby, Hampers and more. There are themed hampers, special category baby hampers such as Knitwear hampers and baby gift baskets available in different budget ranges.  And you get to personalize every gift hamper with the baby’s name and birth date and are offered a complimentary gift card where the sender can put in a message with or without their names. And if you so choose, you can make a particular basket more attractive by adding one or more of the many little extra Adds On that the company has in offer. Also, all items ordered at Milly & Henry are eligible for free shipping all across Australia.

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