Emergency Cash Benefit: Is Your Travel Insurance Plan a Friend in Need?

Whether you are a nomad or are travelling for studies, you know that some of your best travelling experiences are from unplanned trips. 

However, with these life experience comes the worst nightmares! 

These can be mentioned as last-minute extra costs on bookings and cancellations, lost/ misplaced baggage, loopholes in carrying healthcare measures, and sometimes an utterly spoiled trip! Hence, although the adventures may be worth the risk, carrying travel insurance for international trips can save you from being broke amidst unforeseen emergencies.

If you are someone who executes last-minute plans, you should also make sure to buy travel insurance plans that provide you with emergency cash benefits. What is this emergency cash benefit? Let’s decode. 

What is an Emergency Cash Benefit in Travel Insurance? <h2>

The travel insurance companies in India have updated their travel insurance policies to ensure that you get covered in emergencies such as theft or burglary. Certain travel insurance covers you with the Emergency Cash Benefit to ensure you can continue to pay for your expenses abroad even after being robbed.

When is an Emergency Cash Benefit Needed? <h2>

Over recent years, India has seen a rise in young travelers. Earlier, the maximum population that used to travel was financially independent people. Hence, even in the case of an emergency, they had sources that could support them financially before they could reimburse the costs from their insurer. However, today young travelers usually travel on their savings and are hardly covered in case of any emergency. For such travellers, various travel insurance companies have evolved and introduced the ‘Emergency cash benefit’. 

Suppose you are travelling abroad, and you lack money amidst an unprecedented emergency. In such a case, the emergency cash benefits of your travel insurance can help you get through the situation.

How Can You Get Emergency Cash Benefits? <h2>

In case you are stuck in a mishappening such as theft, you can avail of emergency cash benefits by doing as said:

  • Immediately report the concern to your insurer.
  • File a report to the local police of the area.
  • Collect the copy of lodged FIR report.
  • Block all your cards.
  • Share the account details that you possess (is accessible) at the time of the incident. 

After receiving all your details, your insurer will check your plan and further assist you with the emergency cash benefits.

Remember! Not All Travel Insurance Providers Cover the Emergency Cash Benefits

Don’t be mistaken! Not all insurers provide an emergency cash benefit in their travel insurance plan. Hence, always read the plan’s terms and conditions before buying travel insurance.

Usually, a plan covering you with the emergency cash benefit will come with a higher premium amount. However,  the most crucial concern while buying a travel insurance plan is ensuring financial protection in times of need. Thus, adding a few pennies to your premium should not stop you from creating a shield for yourself and your loved ones in times of need.

Final Thoughts!

When you get robbed in a foreign land and have nobody to back you emotionally and financially, the travel insurance plans by Care health insurance can be your friend in need. Hence, before starting a new last-minute journey, we ask you to take your most reliable travel insurance plan by Care health insurance first!

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only: Policy Assurance and Claims at the underwriter’s discretion.



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