Dyson V10 vs V11

Dyson V10 vs V11


The Dyson V10 vs V11 this two of the best cordless vacuums on the market. There are many similarities between these two vacuum cleaners.

Dyson V10 vs V11 in handheld mode. Both the V10 and V11 use a multi-floor brush roll powered through a virtual motor, spinning as much as 125,000 in line with a minute. The design, lengthy battery life, and effective suction make the V10 and V11 of the great cordless vacuums at the market. In March 2018, The Dyson V10 launched. They launched the Dyson V11 in March 2019.

The Summary

In summary, you will find here the methods and functions you can find:

The device of Crevice: It has a small nozzle with an inclined tip that fits well between the couch cushions or between the car seats. It works well.

Combination tool: In essence, two tools in one – a tool for pseudo-poling and brush, can be used with upholstery fabrics or vents. Inside my car, I use this to pick up.

Mini soft brush for dusting: has soft bristles that make it superb to clean more vulnerable objects such as light bulbs.

Tiny turbo cleaner: a small variant of flooring tools on the tapestry stairs or motorized brush to sweep the hair and dirt.

Direct drive head: the Dyson V7 and V8 tools are the same. There are no flexible doors, and on hard floors, it would not be like that.

Torque drive: This upgrades the head of the direct drive with two interchangeable doors to significantly increase the set of hard surfaces. The V10 Animal and V11 Torque Drives are available for this tool.

Soft Roller (Fluffy Roller): Dyson has created a special method for hard floors. It has a soft, even big dirt rolling handle. Only the Absolute alternative is open.

Extension wall: The Dyson can be used as a stick or hand vacuum.

Mounted wall dock: an extra wall mountable tool for the vacuum’s loading and storage. It needs a lot of holes to boil in the wall. Domestic, separate docking stations for people who don’t want to barren are available for different rates. Dyson also offers the DOK edition. The opportunity to store all of the fittings in one location is a benefit of these items.

Dyson V10 and V11 on Battery

The battery is the opposite region which can get quite high priced in vacuum maintenance. While the battery utilized in similar vacuums generally lasts 3-five years, the price to update it could be high. However, with the V10, the battery will final 15 years, as quoted via Dyson’s founder, James Dyson. While Dyson hasn’t explicitly stated the V11 battery would ultimate as long, we assume it’s a reasonable assumption.

Dyson V10 and V11 on Cleaning Tests

At Modern Castle, we placed all the vacuums thru our popular vacuum cleansing checks. These cleansing checks are designed to check a vacuum’s variety of cleansing performance, from massive particles too small. We carry out a complete of 12 particle assessments, the use of three exceptional floors sorts and four sorts of particles. We take a look at engineered hardwoods, low pile carpet, and excessive pile carpet.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

When cleansing hardwoods, the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 have been extraordinarily similar. Both fashions scored 98-100% on all particle kinds, making both of those vacuums a tremendous preference for vacuuming dry particles (of all sizes) from it.

Low Pile Carpet Cleaning: Dyson V10 vs V11

For the low pile carpet assessments, we persevered in looking for fulfillment from the V10 and V11 fashions, with the V10 shooting 99% of all particles kinds and the V11 getting a perfect rating of 100%

Dyson V10 and V11 Cleaning Power

Certainly, one of the maximum crucial components is examining how nicely the Dyson V10 and V11 surely easy. The Dyson V10 becomes distinctly dazzling while it first launched, and it nevertheless holds its today. It boasts a stepped forward suction electricity of 30% while in comparison to the preceding V collection models, in addition to the cap potential to smooth flooring to a popular that pretty much competitors.

The Dyson V11 is going a step further, and at the same time, as it fits the Dyson V10 in a few regards, there are others in which it takes the lead. One of those is that the suction electricity is 32% more effective than the Dyson V10. This is quite amazing, and it’s also capable of deep easy carpets.

Dyson V10 and V11 on Stairs

Both the Dyson V10 vs. V11 can redesign properly right into a handheld vacuum cleaner so that you should make things easier, and they each consist of a mini motorized brush. It’s an effective and powerful cleaning tool, without a real difference in the number of the v10 vs v11 Dyson cordless vacuum.

Dyson V10 and V11Filtration

Both the V10 and V11 have the same filtration machine, so there can no longer be whatever to look at or argue here (even though you may be interested in the effects table within the following section).

However, a HEPA cleanout tool that catches particles as small as 0.03 microns isn’t always something without a sealed tool. The sealed system is in that you ensure. That no air escapes from the tool as it’s far pushed through the help cleanout.

Dyson V10 and V11 Noise levels

The incredible record is that every Dyson vacuum cleaners are quite without problems below the EU maximum of 80db. In truth, they are some of the quietest stick vacuums that we have got had the pleasure of strolling with. However, there can be a winner in this segment for the quietest going for walks.

The V10 started the style off strong, with a boost cleaning mode that stayed within the very low 70s and an eco mode that became within the low 60s. However, the V11 took this a step further and advanced an even quieter tool. It also can moreover fine be via a few notches, but the difference is notable. Either way, you observe it. Every the V10 and V11 are masses quieter than previous V series models.

Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 Tech Features

The shows you type of how an awful lot of battery life is left, and will also slowly slight up on the equal time as charging. In addition to this, a similarly slight change into added to the deal to allow you to understand simultaneously as the cleanout desires to be cleaned. It may also slight up if there is a blockage within the twine unfastened vacuum’s essential airway. This is good for keeping an eye fixed on the overall safety of the system.

Dyson v10 the v11 liquid crystal show digital display show

The Dyson V11 had been given futuristic on us, and it has supplied us with some amazing tech. We’ll start with the Animal because of the truth it’s far a hint one in every of a type here. On the butt of the number one floorhead wherein the cleanout is, you have were given an LED show that has the three-bar battery indicator to reveal your type of how lots are left. The Dyson V11 Absolute knocks the ball out of the park, and it simply ups the game. It abilities an LCD show with the same button that lets you choose amongst setting

Dyson V10 and V11 Charge Time

V10 – 3.5 Hours

V11-4.5 Hours

The Dyson V11, however, expanded this period. As the battery’s existence lasts even longer, it takes 4.5 hours to charge completely. This is an extended time. However, you furthermore may get lots greater out of the machine. This also hyperlinks in with the brand new battery layout observed in each Dyson V11 vs V10.

Can the Dyson V10 and V11 be used easily?

Fast to use all vacuums. Both materials are packaged in different plastic bags in the traditional Dyson fashion. The fast release latches, which make attaching and removing accessories easy, make the assembly easier. It is a pretty silly setup because all the instruments are connected in a certain direction. To bring it together you don’t need any special instruments.

What are the V10 & V11’s accessories Free?

Like any other groups we have studied up to now when it comes to accessories, there aren’t many variations between the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11. Both have much the same accessories and support the same purposes.

How quick is Dyson V10 and V11 to use?

As far as usability is concerned, we started to see some gaps between the V10 and the V11.


The vacuums came mostly from the box, and we had to handle a few latches for ‘quick escape’ to build the exact setup we needed.

This said the latches of “quick escape” are so simple. You can quickly swap various attachments and cleaning heads by clicking one big red button. It’s an intuitive method, with little effort and not difficult to run.


The V10 and V11 designs are both virtually the same. If you want to suspend your vacuum or insert the handheld units into every wall socket, you can use the wall-mounted dock with the given adapter.

Daily Purpose

The V10 and V11 use many of the same systems for everyday use. They have the “trigger,” which helps conserve the battery life and operate the vacuum.

The V10 and V11 are both perfect for car cleaning.

The V11 has the advantage of the interactive screen behind the engine that provides intelligent data on the cleanup mode, remaining runtime, and videos on performance and maintenance (videos provided on the V11 Torque Drive model only).


What is V10 or V11 better for Dyson?

In summary, the Dyson V10 and V11 variations.

The Dyson V11, which means a higher average cleaning efficiency on the carpet, has 8.38% more air pressure on the cleaning head and 10.2% more on the walls than the V10.

Is it worth money to Dyson V11?

The Dyson V11 wins the highest ranking in washing tapestry, floors, edges, hair, and safe pollution testing. And it’s one of our caliber ones — an upgrade on the V10. An LCD screen on the Dyson V11 handle shows vacuum modes and other data.

Will you buy the Dyson V10?

Main Takeaway: the new V10 is an impressive cleaner, and in the customer reviews, it has an average score. It only takes sufficient testing before you select the correct vaccine. It isn’t the best, though. This title goes to Dyson’s V8 Absolute, his predecessor – selling $ 200 less.”

What is the best V10 Dyson?



For most of them, whether you have taps or tapestries, get the engine head V10.

If you mainly have exposed floors or bare floors: purchase V10 Motorhead and purchase a fluffy, cleaner head separately.

This is the right Dyson to purchase?

  • Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the top 7 best vacuums in the Industry. Best Overall.
  • Dyson V10 Animal – Best Cordless.
  • So, Dyson V11 Outsize – Best for Big Homes.
  • Dyson Ball Animal 2 is best for animals.
  • Dyson Ball Dual Floor 2 Best Upright. Best Upright.
  • Dyson V8 Animal – Best value.
  • Dyson V7 Motorhead – Best Budget.

Why torque or Animal is best for Dyson V11?

The only distinction is the number of attachments you get, and the edition with the Torque drive has an LED screen. The v11 is fitted with an extra attachment and a touch-screen LCD panel. That gives you the chance to adjust battery life and suction capacity. Both of them have the same strength and battery life.

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