Kanye West Gets Approval for 52,000 Sq. Ft. Mansion for a Family of Six

Kanye West gets approval for 52,000 sq. ft. mansion for a family of six

Kanye West has officially got the approval to start building an enormous mansion for his family of six. It is going to be built on his ranch which in by a lake in Wyoming. Looks like he’s got a lot of work to do to ensure he has his dream home that spans across 52,000 sq. ft.

The building and zone permitted Ye and co. to file in Cody, Wyoming. The documents were approved and signed off within the past two months. According to Kanye’s plans, the mansion is going to have 10 bedrooms, and probably some more for other purposes.

How is the mansion going to look like?

According to Ye’s paperwork, they plan to build a single-family residence. The primary one will be used for him, wife Kim, and their kids. The house will replace a set of lakeside cabins and houses that are currently present there. Kanye stated that their crib will be around 52,000 sq. ft. Well, that way too large to be called a crib though!

While speaking about the huge area of the house, he also spoke about two underground garages at 10,000 sq. ft. He has been officially granted permission for that as well. Kanye West also said that he plans to construct two new lake houses on top of the ones that are already there.

The document also said that he will get a new septic system and needs wastewater permits before digging. Well, bathrooms are always a priority!

It seems like the rapper is settling in a prairie. However, it is unclear if they’re planning to permanently shift there or not. Hopefully, this construction work is going to be done quicker than the Hidden Hills compound. That one took years to complete but the results were amazing. This one is definitely going to remain the talk of the town for long!

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