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best mid range phone

This is the main buying guide in which you will find the best smartphones in 2019 and 2020. Divided by price ranges and based on the main features. We have selected for you the most beautiful devices, the compact ones with the best autonomy and the most suitable for taking photographs or selfies. You can consult all the other guides on the vast world of smartphones using. The index at the end of the article. This article will give you a complete guide about the best mid-range phone in 2020.

Before leaving you to the whole selection, that still includes only one smartphone per category. We want to tell you our list of Q2 2020 favorites. The latestphonezone, or the TOP10 of the editorial staff on smartphones:


The Realme 5i is an evolution of the previous Realme 5 model. From which it takes aesthetics but improves some hardware aspects. It is powered by the Snapdragon 665, this time accompanied by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable internal memory. Among its strengths, we mention the photographic sector, design, and autonomy. In fact, it integrates 5 image sensors, 4 of which at the rear. The wide-angle guarantees a viewing angle of 118 °, while the main one is a 12MP Sony derivation.

The battery is 5,000 mAh, really a lot when compared to the rest of the internal components. The shell is made of plastic and is available in various youthful colors. We recommend it to those looking for an economical and complete product. To find out more about this and the rest of the best devices under 200 dollars. You can click on the link inserted below.


Evolution of the previous 7A, this Honor 8A integrates good hardware and is offered at a meager price. We start from the HD + display, large and with drop notch, to the 32 or 64GB memory expandable up to the single 13MP rear camera. Among the noteworthy technical features, we find facial recognition for unlocking the smartphone. The FM radio and the triple slot perfect for simultaneously hosting both two SIMs and a micro SD. Autonomy will certainly not be a problem, thanks to the 3,020 mAh battery. The well-optimized operating system and the low-energy hardware. We conclude this brief description with a pleasant and refined design for the market segment. Alternatively, you could opt for the cousin Huawei Y7, slightly more expensive and equipped. With a larger battery, dual rear cameras, and a 16MP front image sensor.


Nokia continues to amaze us by dusting off old workhorses that have allowed it to establish itself in the past. As a leader in the mobile phone market for many years. Nokia 2.2 is an exciting product because it is based on Android One. Therefore a practically stock and constantly updated version of the operating system. Because it has interchangeable back covers, this feature allows access to separate slots for two SIM and micro SD in addition to a battery replacement, exactly as it happened in cell phones of the past.

The dimensions are decidedly smaller than the other 4 proposals present a little above but, despite this. We find a fairly large 5.71-inch HD + display with a drop notch. A physical side button is dedicated to Google Assistant with an integrated notification LED and a facial recognition system. That makes up for the absence of a fingerprint reader. This smartphone is the best choice for those looking for a compact product capable of lasting longer over time. Given the most frequent software updates and the removable battery. In case you are looking for a similar product but larger and with even greater autonomy. The choice falls on almost twin brother Nokia 2.3.

NOKIA 3310/8110 4G / 2720 FLIP

In this buying guide, we make an exception to the rule and, although they are not smartphones. We also include the Nokia 3310, 8110 4G, and 2720 ​​Flip. At the same time, the third is a clamshell device with a dual display. These feature phones offer physical keyboards equipped with T9s, small displays, and a nearly useless camera. If you don’t want to do without WhatsApp, know that it can be installed in the 8110 and 2720. Among the real reasons why it is worth buying them, we find the design. The glorious Snake game and autonomy certainly higher than that offered by any smartphone in circulation. If you are not interested in social networks, use your phone only to make calls and little else.

Use the comments area at the end of the article to ask for. Advice is more targeted to your needs or to indicate which. In your opinion is the smartphone to buy for a maximum of 200 dollars. We remind you that this and all the other buying guides. Add this page to your favorites so that you can consult it faster.


Redmi Note 9S is one of the many excellent mid-range phones made at Xiaomi. A product with many advantages and some flaws of youth. The pros are the excellent 6.67-inch FullHD + display: the particularly refined design and the photographic sector, complete and well-calibrated. The hardware equipment is quite complete, and the NFC present represents the only real lack. However, in the brother’s Note 8T and Note 9 Pro. Another of the positive aspects of this device is autonomy. Up to two days of real use on a single charge. You can find out more details on this Redmi and learn about the other four smartphones. Recommended in this price range, by clicking on the links below.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is an exciting mid-range phone. That is a candidate as one of the best Best Buy of 2020. In addition to having the integrated 5G modem, it guarantees exceptional performance in any sector.  Accompanied by 6GB of RAM and 64 / 128GB of non-expandable internal storage. Given this last point, we strongly advise you to buy the model with the upper memory cut.

The screen is a 6.57-inch FullHD + AMOLED and integrates a fingerprint reader under it. The body is neat and well assembled. As for the photographic sector, we have 4 rear image sensors and one front. All guarantee good quality shots and videos for the category. We complete this brief description by confirming the presence of the NFC and the audio jack. As well as a 4,160 mAh battery capable of overcoming a day and a half of use. We recommend it to those who intend to buy a valid and durable smartphone.

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OnePlus Nord represents a change, of course, for the Chinese house.  A mid-range phone, cheaper than its older brothers and with an excellent relationship between quality and price. The speed and performance are top-notch, not only thanks to the Snapdragon 765 5G. But also the immaculate and light Oxygen OS operating system.


The 4 rear cameras are average and the most interesting sector. Is the 6.44-inch AMOLED Full HD front display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. The 4115 mAh capacity battery is not very large. But the Nord recharges very quickly with the 30 W power supply supplied in the package. Do not miss the NFC chip for contactless payments.


P30 Pro is one of the best buys of the moment. A top-of-the-range phone capable of excelling practically in all departments, especially as regards the fantastic photographic sector. It also stands out for its particularly refined design, above-average autonomy, and beautiful AMOLED display. There are also a waterproof body and wireless charging with reverse charge. These are just some of the features of this device.


The keyword to describe this smartphone is “ergonomics.” With the average dimensions that are constantly increasing. This basic Galaxy S20 turns out to be one of the most compact tops of the range of 2020—a particularly comfortable product to hold and use with one hand—thanks to the excellent work on Samsung’s software side.

The body is waterproof, the Super AMOLED display at 120Hz is beautiful. From all points of view, and the photographic sector is really excellent. The built-in 4000 mAh battery will take you to the evening and is also available in a 5G version, obviously at a higher cost.

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The top of the Huawei range confirms, once again, the best cameraphone available on the market. We are referring to the P30 Pro, a device that. Thanks to the implementation of a fantastic photographic sector, it can give truly amazing shots in any condition.  But the real gems are the 5-lens periscope system capable of obtaining a 5x optical zoom. The night mode and the fourth ToF sensor. Useful for enhancing background blur effects. These are just some of the features of this device. Find more information in the buying guide on the camera phone.


Asus Zenfone 6 ( Review ) is the most convincing and original. Alternative to the various big names on the market, under 650 dollars. Its main peculiarity is the flip Camera, a photographic module consisting of two image sensors. Which, if necessary, can be used both at the front and at the rear. The movement is lightning-fast and can also be used. Well, to make special photographs and videos of love, especially in time-lapse mode.

Another noteworthy aspect is the autonomy, which, thanks to the 5,000 mAh battery and the operating system with few customizations and similar to the stock Android one, can guarantee up to 2 days of normal use. The hardware includes 6/8 GB of RAM, a very performing processor, the 3.5 mm audio jack, a triple slot (two SIM and a microSD), and two stereo speakers. We conclude by mentioning the 6.4-inch display without notch or holes, pleasing to the eye but not comparable to the AMOLED / OLED inserted in the other 4 smartphones.


iPhone SE 2020, the latest from Apple, is mainly addressed to all past design lovers. We recommend its purchase starting from the version with 128GB of internal memory. This smartphone is characterized by an aesthetic identical to that of the iPhone 8 terminal. Which it also takes part in the hardware, display, battery, and cameras in the first place. What changes is the processor, now the latest generation A13 Bionic, which allows you to have really high performance on a par with the latest top of the brand’s range?


The Samsung Galaxy M31 is an evolution of the already excellent Galaxy M30s from which it takes the design and great father of the internal hardware. This device’s device’s strong point is the almAh battery, with which you can cover two days of real use without any difficulty. Unchanged the rear polycarbonate body, the excellent FullHD + Super AMOLED display, clearly visible even in direct sunlight, and the internal processor.


Motorola Moto Edge is balanced and affordable. Its winning weapons are the extreme design and the fabulous Snapdragon 765 “engine,” the latest 700 series with 5G connectivity and power to spare. These two technical aspects translate into an elegant, innovative and practical product, capable of pushing the accelerator when needed and guaranteeing a record range for the category, with two full operation days.

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is an exciting mid-range smartphone that is a candidate for the best Best Buy of 2020. In addition to having the integrated 5G modem, perfect especially for the future, it guarantees exceptional performance in any sector. It integrates 6GB of RAM, aanSoC devoted to gaming, and an AMOLED screen with a fingerprint reader inserted under it. The photographic sector is qualitatively interesting. There is the NFC module. The audio jack and a 4,160 mAh battery capable of guaranteeing up to a day and a half of use.


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