Wildlife Enthusiast Jack Hanna Diagnosed With Dementia at 74

Jack Hanna

The famous and admired American zookeeper Jack Hanna is suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome. Hanna’s family stated that he is doing a speedy recovery for the past few months.

Jack has three daughters, namely Suzane, Julie, and Kathaleen. Recently, they publicized that their beloved father will no longer make public appearances as before. Jack Hanna is recovering from the disease unexpectedly.

The daughter articulated that despite his inability to work and explore like previously, people will remember his legacy. Jack’s contagious passion crazed many people. 

Jack Hanna and his contagious wildlife passion

Since 1978 Jack has been the director emeritus of Columbus Aquarium, and he devoted his entire life to this zoo. In 1992 he retired from the designated role. After retirement, he started traveling and became a representative for the Columbus Zoo. The annual attendance of Ohio’s zoo raised to more than 300% during Hanna’s directorship. 

Beyond the directorship, he used to do late-night programs with some eye-catching wild spices. Jack ensembled camel, electric eels, leopard, penguin, and Cobra on Mr. Letterman’s late-night show. He also hosted his daytime series. Mr. Letterman had signed “Jungle Jack” almost 100 times in 30 years on his television program. 

Achievement for legendary work

Hanna was Tom Mankiewicz award winner as a wildlife conservationist, May 2018. The 74-year-old wildlife conservationist wrote his autobiography, namely “Monkey on the interstate.” He also published various children’s books.

Jack’s daughter assured his admirers by saying that their dad still remembers to crack jokes. He uses his uniform still now in the house.

Maury Povich announced that Jack Hanna is one of the most excellent wildlife experts in the United States. The declaration of his health issues emerges the day after the retirement of the current CEO. The CEO of the Columbus Zoo was charged for misusing the funds. 

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