An early lookout of Razorbacks Schedule

Razorbacks Schedule

If you are a follower of the Arkansas Razorbacks college football program, then you perhaps already expect to see a hard schedule be handed out.

Of course, the team has known about its upcoming season schedule since late last year, however that will not have made things any easier for everyone involved to digest or even enjoy looking at.

Indeed, if you go back to the 2020 season, The Hogs could be argued to have had two of the hardest schedules to have existed in the NCAA with the SEC West team having mentioned that they have had to continue to go up against the odds with regularity.

Even ESPN’s FPI seems to be in agreement, as they found that the 2021 schedule that head coach Sam Pittman’s side had was the toughest in the entire nation for that campaign. Nonetheless, we already know that 2022 is not going to be any easier and that The Hogs are going to have their work cut out for them if they are to be able to enjoy a successful season.
What does the upcoming 2022 schedule look like for the Arkansas Razorbacks?
As mentioned, most Arkansas Razorback fans and followers will already know the schedule and how tough it is, however it is certainly worth highlighting it once again ahead of the upcoming campaign:

Cincinnati Bearcats
3 Sept 22
South Carolina Gamecocks
10 Sept 22
Missouri State Bears
17 Sept 22
@ Texas A&M Aggies
24 Sept 22
Alabama Crimson Tide
1 Oct 22
@ Mississippi State Bulldogs
8 Oct 22
@ BYU Cougars
15 Oct 22
@ Auburn Tigers
29 Oct 22
Liberty Flames
5 Nov 22
LSU Tigers
12 Nov 22
Ole Miss Rebels
19 Nov 22
@ Missouri Tigers
25 Nov 22

Indeed, it is evident just how tough the schedule is for the Razorbacks when you take a look at what they have to go up against in the coming months. For instance, the first game of the season against the Cincinnati Bearcats is an opener that would have to be considered one of the hardest that The Hogs have had to begin the year with for some time. Moreover, it is the first time these two teams will compete in a college football match, thus perhaps making it a little bit of an unknown. Additionally, the match with Ole Miss will also be a first-time encounter, too.

Could matters get worse for The Hogs?
To make matters worse, Pittman’s team – who will be looking to improve on their 9-4 record from the head coach’s second year in charge – will have to deal with the various changes that all college football teams go through, but they may find it more difficult than others.

Arkansas will lose players to graduation, whilst they could still yet lose certain individuals to the NFL Draft when it takes place at the end of April. Indeed, it is a spectacle that many will continue to tune in to and watch, although those that like to watch The Hogs may be hoping for something rather selfish to happen.

Of course, many will be betting on certain players to be drafted by NFL franchises in the coming days, but those who follow The Hogs may be hoping that they do not see any of their players drafted that can still have an impact in the college game next season.

With the NFL Draft taking place between April 28, and April 30, punters in the state could look to participate in placing a wager on the action that takes place by enjoying the markets that are made available via DraftKings sportsbook in Arkansas.


Should none of those eligible for the NFL Draft that still have eligibility for the college game get drafted and remain, then there will be some who will be feeling a little more confident about the Razorbacks’ chances of being successful in the upcoming season.
How successful can the Razorbacks be in the 2022 campaign?
There is no denying that the Arkansas Razorbacks have a lot of talent and potential, with the feeling that the future is bright in Fayetteville and that they can continue to trend in a positive direction under Pittman during the 2022 season, despite the clearly difficult schedule they have been handed.

Naturally, the head coach has to take a lot of the credit for what he has done in his short time with the college football program, with the team having been able to experience an immense amount of improvement. In fact, some are suggesting that they could be the team to watch in the SEC West.

Although the division is notoriously difficult, with the likes of Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas A&M, there is a quiet confidence about The Hogs and what they could potentially achieve under Pittman this season, especially where their young QB is concerned.

KJ Jefferson – who is expected to return to Arkansas in 2022 – managed to complete 67.3% of his passes for 2,676 yards with a total of 21 touchdowns and four interceptions. Additionally, he also managed to rush for a total of 664 yards and achieved six touchdowns on the ground.

Unsurprisingly, the team has been touted as being dangerous, and one that others certainly need to be wary of moving forward. Moreover, Pittman has been credited with ensuring the culture and the attitude regarding college football at the university has become a sport that is as important as it should be compared to where it once was.
What can the Arkansas Razorbacks expect?
Of course, there are still a number of months remaining until the opening game against the Cincinnati Bearcats on September 3, 2022, therefore it could be considered to be incredibly early to try and predict what might be on the cards for the Razorbacks in the upcoming season.

One thing that we can all be sure about is the difficulty of the schedule, with so many tough teams being required to face. However, with Jefferson leading the drives and the plays on the field in Fayetteville, perhaps a rather successful season could be in store for the Arkansas Razorbacks?


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