Amazing Facts About The Corn Snake


Corn snakes are a mid-sized, non-venomous constrictor native to the many ecosystems of Eastern United States. Within recent years, they have become exceptionally popular pets in a variety of homes. Despite this, they are somewhat less well known outside of the reptile-fancying world. With this guide, we hope to give you a more complete picture on what these spectacular reptiles are really like, and maybe even help set your expectations should you choose to bring one into your own house.

They Have Over 800 Morphs

Typically, corn snakes sport vivid yellows, browns, grays, and oranges throughout their pelt accompanied by various patterns on their back of reddish stripes. However, there are a variety of “morphs”, or variations in their wild appearance that are available in the pet trade. From dazzling saturated colors to more muted appearances and patterns of all shape and size, there is a corn snake for every aesthetic taste.

Some of the more common varieties of corn snake include:

  • Ghost corn snake
  • Albino corn snake
  • Hypo corn snake
  • Sunkissed corn snake

2. They Are Born With a Special Scale

When certain snakes are born, they are equipped with a specially adapted “egg tooth” scale that helps them to break out of their egg. Hatchling corn snakes are independent from birth, and it is important that they are able to move about on their own as quickly as possible. Once the hatchling sheds its skin for the first time, it should lose its egg tooth.

These Snakes Have Unique Ways of Deterring Predators

Like many snakes of its size, the humble corn snake is constantly trying to not get eaten by larger, more powerful predators. Because of this, they have evolved a couple of ways to deter animals that would prefer to make them a quick snack. Their appearance, for instance, is meant to evoke the venomous copperhead, which sports similar colorings and patterns. A corn snake may also vibrate the end of its tail quickly in an attempt to mimic rattlesnakes.

 They Are Important to Their Local Ecosystems

Corn snakes eat exactly the kind of pests we humans do not want around our homes and population centers. Happy to feast on rats and mice, these snakes help to maintain the health of our crops and prevent the spread of disease that may come with a rodent infestation. While many people fear snakes, it is important to remember the valuable role they play in our ecosystems, and how relatively harmless they are towards people.

Final Thoughts

Corn snakes are more than simply a cool looking pet. These are unique, wonderful reptiles that play an important role in both the environments they reside in and hearts of the people who choose to care for them. If you are looking for a corn snake for sale, be sure to do your research and understand its various environmental and physiological needs. After all, chances are that unless you have owned some type of snake in the past, a corn snake will be a completely different pet keeping experience to you.   


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