3 digital trends for marketing strategies

digital trends for marketing strategies

Brief interactions with a brand before and after a purchase are one of the top digital marketing trends of 2021. A marketing campaign needs to be personal and omnichannel so the business can show target consumers that their relationship goes beyond the commercial offer. Let’s see digital trends for marketing strategies.

Omnichannel marketing and video advertising

Online shopping has exploded in popularity since the pandemic. According to a Harvard Business Review report, at least 73% of customers use multiple devices when shopping. Buyers are used to switching from one device to another in search of the perfect product.

  • After watching video ads, 85% of customers will try a new brand or buy a product. 
  • 70% of YouTube users go to online stores after watching videos on channels. 
  • These statistics show how much visual content affects consumers.

Videos are far more effective than photos, and brands are increasingly using them to showcase products to online retailers. You can also use AI integration to make your videos pop up at the right time. understanding what is a media plan becomes crucial for brands. If you are a musician and stream videos on YouTube, use omni-marketing and stream on Spotify too. Buy Spotify streams and start omni-streaming on various channels. 

Influencer marketing

Brands are less likely to partner with celebrity ambassadors, as influencers are better at attracting active audiences on social media these days. To exploit this trend, it is necessary to research the market in detail, as the occasional influencer will not bring the expected results in promoting the brand. 

It is important to find someone who already has a prominent position in the target community. Working with him will help you penetrate a niche audience and create your own consumer base. You can start by bringing in small blogs. Their involvement can ensure that your communication strategy reaches the right audience. There are different approaches to this marketing strategy. The most successful of these include discount promotional codes and limited collections in collaboration with the influencers themselves.

Social networks 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to attract bloggers or produce high-value videos, you can use mixed marketing tactics. For example, some brands increase engagement after creating social media-focused profiles. In addition, geotags, private messages and stories on platforms open the way for interactive marketing. This will allow you to share news with an active audience and reduce the distance between the brand and customers. Overall, digital marketing trends in 2021 aim to strike a balance between effective engagement, social awareness, and AI-powered projects. Brands will succeed if they can incorporate this into their marketing strategy. 


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