What is a digital wallet and how to use it?

a digital wallet

Mobile wallet is a mobile application created for all those who want to get an easy and convenient tool for accessing various services in a a digital wallet. People can use their mobile software to link cards of any bank to it, make transfers, pay the required price directly on the platform, on websites or in stores (contactless or using a QR code), e-tickets, insurances, and etc. The Wallet Factory Company offers white label solutions for any business. Anyone who has downloaded a soft with your brand can use popular and simple services.

This way of dealing with money has gained popularity due to its high level of safety. Wallet applications protect data with special unique tokens so that no one can use the transmitted information for personal needs. The connection of acquiring and gateways requires websites and digital systems to maintain certain security protocols that securely encrypt and protect data. Everything will be developed according to the business branch’s peculiarities because the professionals carefully examine the features of the direction and select exactly those tools that allow them to get the desired result.

Predominant features

Digital wallet benefits are reflected due to its anonymity and convenience of online payments (the user doesn’t need to pay with his/her bank card, risking getting caught by fraudsters), as well as simplicity and ease of use (convenient online versions of wallets and mobile apps, in which all financial transactions can be performed in a couple of clicks). Also, electronic wallets are very convenient for users who earn money on the Internet (freelancers, bloggers, etc.).

It is possible to highlight

  • The convenient and intuitive website and digital application.
  • Ease of opening and use.
  • The anonymity of operations and calculations.
  • Free transfers between accounts (in most wallets, especially for transfers within the payment system).
  • High reliability and modern protection (no need to worry about saving your money).
  • Multicurrency (many wallets simultaneously support several popular currencies (dollar, euro, etc.), as well as cryptocurrency).
  • Low commissions when paying for goods and services (each payment system seeks to expand the list of its partners that provide discounts, zero commissions, and even cashback for purchases).
  • Technicians work 24/7 and there’s an online chat with support – you can quickly get help. There are also detailed answers to frequently asked questions and necessary instructions.

All the processes are clear and have a positive impact on the application performance.


Electronic commerce will penetrate deeper into our lives. Companies need a reliable FinTech partner in a highly competitive environment on the Internet, who is ready to implement advanced payment solutions that allow them to earn more and increase customer loyalty. The dynamically developing e-commerce market places high demands on payment providers and b2b embedded finance. The variability of mentioned methods and the security of payments have become even more important. It’s also important for businesses to provide a range of additional digital solutions and tools for sales development. The main thing is to use reliable services that have already proven their worth and the Wallet Factory Company will definitely meet requirements and help reach the desired goal.

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