Satrangi Sasural Cast Real Names with Photographs

Vihaan Vatsal aka Ravish Desai

Satrangi Sasural Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details have been provided here. It was first aired on Decemeber 3, 2014. It is running till date on Zee TV. Mumbai and Delhi are the production locations. Multi-camera is the camera setup of Satrangi Sasural TV serial. 24 Frames Productions is the production company of Satrangi Sasural TV serial. Purnedu Shekhar is the writer of this amazing TV serial.

In this article, we have provided real names of Satrangi Sasural cast with photographs. So, let’s see.

Satrangi Sasural Cast Real Names with Photographs

Vihaan Vatsal aka Ravish DesaiVihaan Vatsal real name is Ravish Desai

Aarushi Vatsal aka Mugdha Chaphekar Aarushi Vatsal real name is Mugdha Chaphekar

Gomti Devi Vatsal aka Farida Jalal Gomti Devi Vatsal real name is Farida Jalal

Geeta Vatsal aka Samta Sagar Geeta Vatsal real name is Samta Sagar

Harpreet Vatsal aka Bhavana BalsavarHarpreet Vatsal real name is Bhavana Balsavar

Priyanka Vatsal aka Sadiya Siddiqui Priyanka Vatsal real name is Sadiya Siddiqui

Babita “Mini” Vatsal real name is Resham Tipnis
Narmada Vatsal real name is Sonali Sachdev

Neelima Vatsal real name is Shital Thakkar
Aarushi’s grandfather real name is Shaikh Sami
Prahlad Paandit real name is Govind Pandey
Girish Paandit real name is Pulkit
Kasturi Paandit real name is Kasturi
Millie Paandit real name is Tanvi Sawant
Gautam real name is Rakesh Kukreti


Vihaan, despite being the centre of attention, Vihaan isn’t spoilt or pampered but instead is nurtured to grow into a mature, loving, sensitive individual. Vihaan meets Aarushi, a middle-class girl, who is a kind, gentle and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the varied expectation all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son.

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Article last re-published on March 19, 2016.

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