Ruk Jaana Nahin Characters Real Names with Photographs

Saanchi Pooja Sharma

Ruk Jaana Nahin Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details given here. Ruk Jaana Nahin is one of the most popular Indian soap opera which aired on Star Plus. It was started on 19th December, 2011 and ended on 23rd November, 2012.

Story of this TV soap was written by Kamal Pandey, Garima Goyal and Girish Dhamija. It was directed by Santram Verma and locations of production was Varanasi. There were four producers of this TV soap i.e. Kamal Pandey, Paresh Rawal, Hemal Thakkar and Swaroop Sampat.

Saanchi Pooja SharmaSaanchi Mathur Singh real name is Pooja Sharma

Indu Singh Aniruddh DaveIndu Singh real name is Aniruddh Dave

Rubina aka Ishita VyasRubina real name is Ishita Vyas

Prabal Pratap Yadav aka Zubin DuttPrabal Pratap Yadav real name is Zubin Dutt

Mehek aka Paridhi SharmaMehek real name is Paridhi Sharma

Palakshi Tarachand Mathur aka Digangana SuryavanshiPalakshi Tarachand Mathur real name is Digangana Suryavanshi

Malti Devi Singh aka Neelam PanchalMalti Devi Singh real name is Neelam Panchal

Tarachand Mathur aka Gyan PrakashTarachand Mathur real name is Gyan Prakash

Sitaram Panda aka Sanjay SugaonkarSitaram Panda real name is Sanjay Sugaonkar

Veena Tarachand Mathur
Sadanand Tiwari real name is Vijay Kumar
Abhay Tarachand Mathur
Radha Sadanand Tiwari real name is Neena Singh
Sushil Tiwari
Anita Sushil Tiwari
Shobha Sitaram Panda
Abhimanyu Sitaram Panda real name is Vinay Rajput
Roopkumari Sitaram Panda

It was ended due to low TRP after some new TV serial started by the Star Plus and Sony Entertainment. Main characters were Saanchi, Indu Singh and others. Indu Singh is coming from rural background family. He was also coming from rural political family. While Saanchi is very much clever girl who loves convincing a person assertively rather than confronting aggressively. This TV soap has done well in the starting time.

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Article Title: Ruk Jaana Nahin Characters Real Names with Photographs
Article last re-published on August 24, 2018.

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