Online Betting in Malaysia


Online betting is growing globally, with players in many countries like Malaysia enjoying the best odds, bonuses, and betting options. Players in Malaysia can gamble on various events, sports, and betting sites.

The industry is estimated to be worth more than RM10 billion annually and has been growing at 20 %. Malaysia has become one of the most important Asian markets for betting, with some estimates placing it as high as the second-largest after China.

The industry’s growth in Malaysia is because online betting offers several advantages over traditional casinos. With online betting, you do not have to travel to a remote location or deal with potentially shady characters. You can play from the comfort of your home or office and ensure that your account details are safe and secure.

Malaysians can bet with their bank accounts or credit cards, which makes it easy to deposit funds into their accounts. Online betting also allows players to place bets on various sports, including football, basketball, and even eSports tournaments.

Also, online gambling is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows people who only have a little time to spare to play anytime or at night. In addition, you can easily access your account from anywhere in the world because all transactions are processed through a secure server.

Let’s explore online gambling in Malaysia, its nature and features, and the betting markets and games available in the country. 

Is it Legal to Gamble Online in Malaysia?

While it is illegal to play online in Malaysia, dozens of websites allow players to bet on sports events and casino games such as poker and blackjack. 

Malaysia is primarily Muslim, with various laws that make gambling largely illegal. The government has stringent gambling laws, including the Syariah Law, the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 (CGHA), and the Betting Act 1953.

The Betting Act bans all betting unless the online platform is licensed. The license covers online and offline betting. Those who contravene the law can be jailed for five years or fined over RM200,000.

Features of the Best Sports Betting Sites in Malaysia

Alt: dafabet betting site

Malaysia is one of the best places to bet on sports. The country has a rich gambling history and is home to some of the best sportsbooks in the world.

The best way to find out the best sports betting sites in Malaysia is by looking at their features, bonuses, and promotions. The best sports betting sites Malaysia offer some of the best features, odds, and betting options. We’ve reviewed the best sports betting sites in Malaysia, and we’ve come up with some interesting facts that you might find helpful.

Great Odds

One of the essential features of a sports betting site is the odds, which is true for Malaysia. The odds offered by the best sports betting sites in Malaysia are excellent, so you will always have a fair chance of winning big when placing bets.

The odds offered by these online betting sites are usually better than what you will get from local bookmakers.

Mobile Capabilities and Apps

One of the most critical features of any betting site is its mobile capabilities. If you are placing bets from your mobile device, you need a site that allows you to do so easily and quickly.

Mobile betting offers convenience and transparency for players who don’t have time to visit a physical location like a casino or sportsbook.

The best sports betting sites in Malaysia have mobile versions of their sites. This allows you to bet on your phone at home or while out and about. This saves time and money if you can bet while on the go.

Amazing Bonuses and Promotions

The other feature that makes these sites stand out from the rest is the bonuses and promotions they offer to their customers. Malaysia has excellent online platforms that offer great bonuses to their players. 

These websites offer some fantastic bonuses for new members and existing customers. They have different bonuses depending on how much you deposit or how long you have been with them. Their promotions also vary, so it’s even more fun for all their customers!

Many Betting Options

Sports betting is only as exciting as what you can bet on, so these sites offer various sports games to choose from when placing your bets. Malaysia’s best sports betting sites are a great way to enjoy your favorite teams and sports simultaneously. The best sites will allow you to place bets on all sporting events, including football, basketball, baseball and more.

You can place many other types of bets on these events, but these are the most common ones. You can also find live betting options for these events or bet on single games or entire series over multiple rounds. You can also place wagers on individual players or teams and group matches like group stages in soccer tournaments or season playoffs in basketball leagues where every team competes against each other.

These websites have many different options for placing your bets so that no matter what type of sport you enjoy playing, there will be something available for you here! They even offer various markets like NFL games, NBA games, NHL games and more!

Great Security Features

Regarding security, the sites have several features that ensure your information is kept safe and secure. You can register using an email address, password, and phone number. 

Most sites use SSL encryption technology. SSL encryption is a highly effective form of data encryption and privacy protection. It ensures that your personal information remains secure and private, even if someone gains access to the site.

Several Payment Options

There are many payment methods available on Malaysian online gambling websites. This includes credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and e-wallets. You can deposit and withdraw funds anytime you want.

Other features include;

  • A strong customer support team to help you with all your queries regarding your account.
  • Anti-scam measures that make sure that your money is safe from hackers and fraudsters.

Popular Sports and Markets in Malaysia

Sports betting is popular in Malaysia, with more than 1 million bets on the local sports scene. The beauty of sports betting in Malaysia is that you can bet on any sport or event you want, including football matches, car races, horse racing and basketball games. 

Other popular sports in Malaysia are golf, tennis matches, and motorsports.

Sports betting is a popular pastime in Malaysia, with plenty of players betting on their favorite platforms. While the legal status of sports betting in Malaysia needs to be clarified, it’s still possible to place bets on almost every major event worldwide. 


Badminton is one of the most popular sports among bettors in Malaysia. The country has won many medals in international competitions and is considered one of the strongest teams in Asia. 

In addition to winning several medals, the country has many players ranked among the best in Asia. This has increased the sport’s popularity among gamblers, looking for more options when betting online. 

Football (Soccer) 

Football is one of the most popular sports in Malaysia. It has a massive following, and betting on football is a big business here. Today, football remains one of the most popular games played regularly by Malaysians of all ages. The top league here is the Malaysian Super League (MSL). 

Players can bet on all the big leagues globally, including the top leagues like the EPL, Serie A, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League. Football is exciting to watch and bet on, with many clubs competing for honors each season!

You can bet on the outcome of every game, whether it’s a match between two top-tier clubs or an amateur team from your local league. Many online sportsbooks offer various markets, including over/under, spreads, and multi-bets.

Car Racing 

Car racing is another popular sport in Malaysia and one of the biggest gambling markets in Asia. The country hosts the Formula One Grand Prix and the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships, making the sport very popular with gamblers.

Online bookies offer markets for domestic and international races, which means you can bet on any racing event worldwide.


You can bet on whether your favorite team will win or lose based on the result of each game or set. You can also bet on individual players from each team by placing wagers on their performance in specific matches or sets.


eSports has become a popular way to gamble, and it’s easy to see why. The games are exciting and provide action that traditional sports don’t offer. The country’s thriving gaming community drives the rise of eSports in Malaysia. 

Top Malaysian bookmakers offer the best odds and payouts for eSports bets. The beauty of eSports is that you can watch the action unfold live, right on your computer or phone. You don’t need to worry about finding a TV or spending money on expensive equipment.


Golf is another sport that is seeing considerable growth in popularity among bettors in Malaysia. The PGA Tour hosts several major tournaments each year, including the Masters. If you’re looking for ways to place wagers on golf tournaments, the best betting sites in Malaysia have you covered.

Popular Payment Methods

Malaysian gamblers have various payment options when betting on their favorite sportsbooks and games. 


EeziePay is one of the most popular payment methods in Malaysia. It is an e-wallet which you can use to make payments, buy goods online, or send money. You can also use this payment method to withdraw funds from your e-wallet.


This payment provider allows users to make instant payments to their vendors and betting accounts. Help2Pay offers domestic and international bank transfers, while users can use their credit cards with this platform.


Crypto is a payment method that accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also offers you the ability to buy in-game items using these cryptocurrencies.

Duit Now 

Duit Now is a payment solution that lets you load your account and bet on your favorite sports, games and events. The service is available on the web, iOS and Android devices.

Touch ‘n Go

Touch ‘n Go is an e-wallet that allows users to make payments through their smartphones or tablets. The e-wallet lets users transfer money from one account to another, making it easy for them to pay at betting sites in Malaysia.


Paytrust is an online bill payment service. With Paytrust, players can load their betting accounts conveniently. You can also receive and send funds and plan and organize your bills online.

Popular Betting Sites in Malaysia

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Malaysia. Sportsbooks have become more sophisticated over time. Nowadays, you can find a range of sportsbooks that offer a wide array of wagers for different sports, including the world’s most popular sports like soccer, basketball and American football.


Alt: dafabet betting site

Dafabet is one of the most popular betting websites in Malaysia. It offers sports betting, casino games, and live casino where you can enjoy your favorite games like roulette, poker and slots. You can also play table games like blackjack and baccarat at the site.


22bet sports betting malaysia

22bet is another great online betting site where players from Malaysia can find sports bets, live casinos and casino games at this website. Other types of bets are available on this site, such as horse racing bets, gambling on soccer matches and much more!



Fun88 is a well-known online bookmaker. It offers live betting and a section where you can place your bets. The odds on each game are displayed on the site’s home page and in the live betting section.

It offers customers various bets, including soccer matches and other events such as horse racing and tennis matches. There are also many different types of bets that you can place on Fun88. These include single-game bets, multi-game bets and accumulator bets.



20bet is another popular bookmaker in Malaysia and one of the best Asian betting sites where you can place your bets on a wide range of sports events. The site includes information about team players and coaches, live scores and results from all major sporting events, and news about upcoming matches. 20bet offers wagering options for mobile and desktop devices, making it a perfect choice for those who want to bet while on the go.

Final Thoughts

Online betting is a big industry in Malaysia and is expected to grow. As more world-class betting platforms enter this market, Malaysian players will have more options and features. If you’re looking for a betting site that provides the best experience, visit the best Malaysian online gambling sites. Many different features and options are available at these sites, making them one of the best choices for anyone who wants to place bets online.


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