Mike Mora Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Mike Mora Net Worth

Mike Mora was a fascinating person who had worked hard and used his skills to build an impressive net worth. He had done well as a photographer and a real estate salesman, making a name for himself. With his camera in hand, he caught extraordinary times and created works of art that made people gasp.

His hard work and desire for excellence have helped him advance and become a respected worker. Mike Mora kept making waves in photography and real estate, thanks to his growing number of fans and reputation for doing great work. He had a lot of money because he had worked hard and wanted to be great.

Mike Mora Net Worth

Mike Mora saved $2 million, which was his total net worth. He did this by having two jobs: one in photography and the other in real estate. Mike had been running his photography business with a passion for many years.

Working with well-known shooter Brian Bowen Smith had also given him a lot of practical experience. Mike has a website where people can buy his fantastic collection of photos and see what he has done.

Early Life

Mike Mora was an American citizen born in New York in 1979. When he was growing up, his parents were middle class.

Mike Mora Net Worth

Mike was very interested in learning more about animals and how they lived. He went to college in New York and got his higher schooling. During his time there, he played football and did well enough at New York University to finish.


Mike Mora is best known as the famous singer Kelis Rogers’s husband. Mora was more than just the husband of a famous person. He also had his own identity and a successful job. He was a great photographer, and that was what he did for a living. Mora was an American real estate agent, in addition to being a photographer. In his job, he had made a good name for himself.

From 2004 to 2009, Mike Mora worked as a personal assistant for producer and musician Dallas Austin. He then worked as a producer and recording engineer at D.A.R.P. Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. He took over as studio boss in 2004 and worked there until January 2009.

Mike started working as a personal helper for Jerome Dahan-Owner, Designer, Citizens of Humanity & Jean Atelier, in February 2009. He did that job until August 2012. From 2009 to August 2012, he was also the Fabric Manager at Citizens Humanity.

Mike started working as a photographer at MikeMoraPhotography in December 2016. In April 2017, he started working as Brian Bowen Smith’s assistant photographer.

Also, the person was interested in both exercise and fashion. Mora was a good-looking guy whose style was a significant inspiration. He was very interested in photography and had taken classes in this area. Mora did many different kinds of photos, like portraits, food, wildlife, fashion, etc.

Mora had to live in a way that stayed out of trouble and aligned with his wife’s desires. His primary way of making money was through the real estate business. His social media accounts also promoted Mora’s work in the estate.

Their fans love them together because Kelis and Mora have kept a good friendship. As a famous couple, they also did many social things together.

Personal Life

Mike Mora got married to Kelis in 2014. Kelis, Mora’s wife, is a famous singer and songwriter who has had several hit records over the years. Mike had become very famous since he married Kelis. The couple is lucky to have two children together, whose names are Knight and Shepard. Kelis also has a child from her former relationship.

Mike Mora Net Worth

In the summer of 2020, they bought the 24-acre farm after selling their home in Los Angeles. They have been living outside of Los Angeles and having a tough time because Mike’s health is not good.

Cause Of Death

Mike Mora’s stomach cancer took his life when he was 37. In 2020, he felt the pain, but he didn’t care. Later, when he stopped eating and started having back pain, he decided to go to the doctor. He said it was a little late but just in time.

In September 2021, he said on Instagram that he had stomach cancer in stage four. In one of his posts, he shared the sad news that the doctors told him he only had 18 months to live. Even though they were given 18 months at first, it has been exactly 12 months since that touching moment.

During this challenging time, he told his wife, Kelis, how much he appreciated her constant support and true love.


Who did Mike Mora marry?

Kelis, who sings and writes songs, was Mike Mora’s wife.

How long has Mike Mora been dating Kelis?

Since 2009, Mike Mora and Kelis have been together.

Where did Mike Mora live? 

Mike Mora and Kelis live with their children on a farm outside Los Angeles.

What kinds of pictures did Mike Mora know a lot about?

Mike Mora studied and worked in many types of photography, including fashion, fine arts, headshots, lifestyle, and food photography.

Does Mike Mora’s work have its website?

Mike Mora has a photography website called MikeMorafotos, selling custom pictures and services.

What else did Mike Mora do for a living besides photography?

Mike Mora’s primary source of cash came from his successful job as a real estate salesman.


Mike Mora net worth shows how hard he had worked and how much of a business he was. He had done well as a photographer and real estate salesman because of his skills, and made a big difference in each field. Mike was known for his love for recording life’s moments and helping people find their dream homes, giving him a loyal following.

His story shows people who want to be artists or workers what they can do if they work hard, have the ability, and follow their interests no matter what. Mike kept improving, and his net worth showed value in the fields he loved.

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