Krishna TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Krishna TV Series

Krishna TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs information and details have been provided here. Krishna TV serial was first premiered on Doordarshan TV channel and then Zee TV. (xanax) (Diazepam) It was one of the most popular TV series at the time.

Let’s see real names of Krishna TV series with photographs for all the fans.

Krishna TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs

Krishna aka Sarvadaman D. BanerjeeKrishna real name is Sarvadaman D. Banerjee

Balram aka Deepak Deulkar Balram real name is Deepak Deulkar

Krishna (Young) aka Swapnil Joshi Krishna (Young) real name is Swapnil Joshi

Rukmini / Yamuna aka Pinky Parikh Rukmini / Yamuna real name is Pinky Parikh

Radha aka Shweta RastogiRadha real name is Shweta Rastogi

Narad aka Sagar SainiNarad real name is Sagar Saini

Kans real name is Vilas Raj
Devaki real name is Paulomi Mukherjee
Vasudev real name is Sunil Pandey
Narad real name is Deepak Dave
Ugrasen real name is Vijay Kavish
Yashoda real name is Damini Kanwal
Arjun real name is Sandeep Mohan
Bhim / Hanuman real name is Mahendra Ghule
Yudhishthir real name is Raman Khatri
Karna real name is Govind Khatri
Draupadi real name is Phalguni Parekh
Indra real name is Jyotin Dave
Bhanamati-Mother Of Praduymna real name is Jharna Dave

Maharishi Uttang / Dev Shilpi Vishwakarma / Jarasandh real name is Radha Krishna Dutt
Sudama / Ashwatthama real name is Mukul Nag
Vasundhara Devi(Sudama’s wife) real name is Sheeba Chaddha
Dhritarashtra real name is Tarakesh Chauhan
Shishupal real name is Raj Premi
Subhadra real name is Sonia Kapoor
Satyabhama real name is Shashi Sharma
Duryodhan real name is Kumar Hegde
Dushasan real name is Deepak Jethi
Pondrak real name is Gautam Chaturvedi

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Article Title: Krishna TV Series Cast Real Names with Photographs
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